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The Gigantic Mega-Mecha Trek Freebies List

Character Props:
Andorian Antennae—

Character Textures:
Andorian for M3 and V3
Additional Andorian textures for v3—
Andorian for M4—
Andorian for V4—
Andorian for V4 and M4—
Aenar for V4 and M4—
Bolian for M3 and V3—
Bolian for M4 and V4—
Klingon for M4 and V4—
Klingon for M4—
Orion for V4 and M4—
Orion for V4—
Romulan Tattoo Textures for M4 and V4—
Vulcan for M4 and V4—
Vulcan for M4—
T’Pol makeup—
Trill Overlay—

Clothing and Jewelry:
Dynamic TNG and TOS Uniforms—
First Contact Suit for M3—
Fringed Sash for M4—
Klingon earrings for V4—
IDIC Necklace—
Kolinahr Necklace—,-V4,-M3,-M4
Mirror Universe for V2—
Romulan helmet for V4—
TOS Uniform for M3—
Sash for M4 –
Space Dress for V4 (new movie)—
Star Trek II Uniform—
V3 Retro Mini-Skirted Dress—
Vulcan Cap 01—
Vulcan Cap 02—
Vulcan Cap 03—
Vulcan Headress 04—
Vulcan Necklaces—
Vulcan Rings—

Clothing Textures:
“The Cage” era second skins for V3 and M3—
DS9 Jacket (Doesn’t say what model this texture is for)—
Andorian Uniform Textures—
Alternate Universe Texture for V4 and V3 MFD—
Alternate Universe for V4 Courageous— and Raiver Trench coat textures—
Bajoran Uniform Textures for M4 Bodysuit—
Bajoran Uniform Textures for V4 Jumpsuit— or
Captain Pike Era Tunic for M4 Valiant— and
Captain Pike Era Tunic for V4 Courageous—
DS9 and VOY textures with Genesis neck fix——-Genesis-Neck-Fix
DS9 Uniform for M4 Valiant and V4 Courageous—
DS9 Cadet uniforms for M4 Valiant and V4 Courageous—
ENT Uniforms—
ENT Admiral Uniform—
ENT Desert Uniform –
ENT MACO Uniform— also , , , and
Kid Trek for Pixie Play for Maddie/Matt—
Klingon coat textures for M4 Valiant—
Klingon Uniform for V3 Morphing Tunic—
Mirror Universe TNG textures for Aery Soul’s Everyday Vest—
Mudd’s Women Dress #1 for MFD—
Mudd’s Women Dress #2 for MFD—
Mudd’s Women Dress #3 for V4 Courageous—
Romulan Commander’s Dress—
Romulan Uniform Textures for V3 and M3 Tunic—
Romulan Uniform Textures for V4 Courageous—
Romulan Uniform for M4 Valiant—
Mirror Romulan A3 Retro Skirt Texture——-A3-Retro-Skirt-Textures
Romulan Uniform textures for M4 Valiant—
Romulan Uniform textures for V4 Courageous—
Sickbay Gown for MFD and DAZ Tunic—
Starfleet Dress Uniforms—
ST VOY Uniform Textures for EZ Casual (V4)—
ST Online Uniform for M4 Valiant—
ST Online Uniform for V4 Courageous— or
ST Online Fantasy Uniform for V4 Bodysuit—
ST Online Fantasy Uniform for V3 Catsuit—
Tarah Costume for V3 Catsuit—
Tarah Costume for V4 Bodysuit—
Textures for Poserworld’s SFO Dress—
TMP textures for V4 Clothing—
TNG and Voyager Uniform Textures for M4 and V4—(Poser) (D/S)

TNG Uniform for Mike’s Catsuit—
TNG Uniform for V3 Catsuit—
TNG Uniform for V3 Catsuit—
TNG Uniform flare—
TOS Dress Uniform Texture for M4 Valiant—
TOS Klingon Uniform for V4 Courageous—
TOS Romulan Uniforms-
TOS Romulan textures-
TOS Uniform Texture for Oishika’s Retro Skirt Outfit for Aiko 3—
TOS Uniform for James—)-Uniform-P6
TOS Uniform for M3 and V3 Catsuits—
TOS Captain’s Wrap Tunic for M4 Valiant— with Flounce to go with the tunic version—
and a sharecg link for the matching Classy Flounce Skirt texture
TOS Dress Uniform for V4 –
TOS Dress Uniform for M4 – and
TOS Uniform for M4 Valiant—
TOS Uniform for V4 Courageous—
TOS Uniform Textures for V4 Courageous and M4 Valiant without Badges—
TOS Mirror Universe Uniform for V4 Courageous—
[Also requires V4 Buccaneer, V4 Classy Flounce Skirt and Top and High Boots for V4]
T’Pol Uniform Textures –
Trek Textures for Space Fleet Officer— and and
Troi’s Dress for V4’s Courageous—
Troi Uniform Textures –
TWOK Uniforms for M4 Valiant— Updated—
Variants on the TNG Uniform——-TNG-Uniform—-TNG-Uniform—-Male
TREK XII Uniforms for Space Dress—
Trek XII Textures for Dark Embrace –
Trek XII Uniforms for M4 Valiant –
Trek XII Uniforms for V4 Courageous –
TWOK Uniforms for V4 Courageous—
VOY Uniform texture for P4 male—
VOY, TNG and DS9 Uniform Textures for V4 Bodysuit—
Vulcan Dress 02 for V3/V4 MFD—
Vulcan Medtech outfit for V4 Courageous—
Vulcan tunic 02 for V4 Courageous—
Vulcan tunic 03 for V4 Courageous—
Vulcan Outfit for M4 Valiant 01—
Vulcan Outfit for M4 Valiant 02—
Vulcan Robe for M3/V3/V4 Wizard Robe—

Instructions for creating pantyhose using shaders for V4—;_calc_page#message_3109388

Face Morphs:
Amanda for V3—
Bajoran Lady for V4—
Chekov for James 6—
Data for M4—
Elf (or Vulcan) ears for V4 and M4—
Helen Noel for V3—
Helen Noel for V4—
Marla McGivers for V3—
McCoy for M4—
Kang for M3—
Kelinda for V3—
Kirk 2009 (Chris Pine)—)-for-m4-base
Khan for M4—
Klingon for V4— or
Kor for M3—
Marlene Moreau—
Martha Landon for V3—
Miranda Jones for V3—
Natira for V3—
Picard for M4—
Romulan Commander for V3—
Romulan Forehead for V4:
Sarek for M3—
Spock for M4—
Stonn for M3—
Surak for M3—
TOS Bridge Officers for P4 man and woman—
TOS Officers for V3 and M3—
T’Lenna (Original Character Vulcan head morph for V4)—’Leana-for-v4
T’Pau for V3—
T’Pring for V3—
Troi and Crusher for V4—
Uhura for V3—
Vulcan for M4—
Vulcan Female (T’Pol) for V4—
Vulcan for V4 (T’Pol)—
Vulcan Ear morphs for Simon, Sydney, V3,and V4—
Vulcan Ear morphs for M3—
Yeoman Tamura for V3—

Furniture and Set Pieces:
3 Futuristic Games—
Anti-grav stretcher –
Beta-5 Computer –
Borg Alcove –
Cadet PADD—
Dilithium chamber—
Federation console panels –
Federation Flag— (waving version—)
FlatComm—TOS Viewer Update——-TOS-viewer-update
Fleet Chair (Voyager Era)—
Food Processor Unit—
Futuristic Food and Dishware—
Futuristic Wall with Doors—
Holodeck Arch—
Klingon Chair—
Klingon Captain’s Chair—
Klingon Chair—
Klingon Gunner Station—
Klingon Viewscreen –
MARS viewer—
Medusa Case—
Misc. TOS Furniture—
Monitoring Board—
Power Unit—
Pre-TOS Desktop monitor –
Retro-Future Coffeepot—
Rec Room Items—
Romulan Cloaking Device—
Sickbay Recovery Bed—
SF Furniture—
TNG Cargo – or
Trek Style Biobed—
Tridimensional chess—
TOS Captain’s Chair (includes an extension piece to convert into a Mirror Universe Captain’s Chair)—
TOS Chair—
TOS Computer Consoles—
TOS Exercise Bench—
TOS Treatment Bed—
TOS Furniture—
TOS Video Comm Unit—
TOS Wall Comm Unit—
Transporter Effect Prop—
Triangular Doorway—
Vulcan Sculpture—
VOY Captain’s Desk—
VOY Chair—
VOY Computer and Computer console—
VOY Cargobay crates and racks—
VOY Sicbay bed and Stasis chamber—
Vulcan Cabinet—
Vulcan Furniture—
Vulcan Sculpture –
Wall Hanging—
Weather Tracking Unit—

Hair models (TOS Era):
Andorian Bob 01—
Andorian Bob 02—
Andorian Short Hair—
Andorian Mid-Length Hair—
Alterra Hair—
Amanda Hair—
Angela Hair—
Captain Hair—
Deela Hair—
Deana Troi Hair—
Helen Noel Hair—
Gorkon hair for M3/M4—
Kelinda Hair—
Klingon Female Hair—
Klingon Beard for M3—
Klingon Hair for M4—
Klingon Hair and beard for M3 and M4—
Klingon Hair for V4—
Klingon Bob for V4—
Kirk Hair—
Kirk Hair for M4—;=
Lady Jane—
Lissan hair V3/V4—
Lissan hair M3/M4—
Lovey Hair—
McCoy Hair—
Marla Hair for V3—
McGivers Hair for V3—
Miranda Hair—
Natira Hair—
Romulan Commander hair for V3 and V4—
Romulan Princess hair—
Romulan Updo 01—
Romulan Updo 02—
Romulan Updo 03—
Science Officer Hair—
Scott Hair—
Spock Hair for M4—
Spock Hair for M4—
Sulu Hair—
Spockie Hair for Cookie and Chip—
TOS B52—
TOS Bob—
T’Pau hair—
T’Pol Textures for RQ V4 Hair—
T’Pel Hair—
Traci Hair—
Trina Hair—
Trio Curl Updo—
Thug Hair—
V3 Anabelle—
V3 Belle—
V3 Bouflip———Fixed
V3 Bunny Girl—
V3 Chris Hair—
V3 J Rand—
V3 Marlene—
V3 Sweetness—
Vulcan Female—
Vulcan Princess Hair—

Hand props:
Anti-grav and Antimatter Bottle—
Dynamic Mode Converter—
Ear reciever—
Electronic PADD—
ENT Hypo—
ENT Medscanner –
Hand scanner—
Hypospray –
Klingon Swag—
Medical Instruments—
Medical Scanner—
Medical Tricorder—
Saurian Brandy—
Starship Props (communicator, phaser, etc.)
Trek Tools—
TNG Comm Badge –
TNG Tricorder –
TOS Communicator –
TOS Medical Props—
TOS TriCommuicator—
TOS Wave Form Generator—
TWOK Era Props—
Universal Translator—
Vulcan Lyrette—
Wrist Flashlight—

Bajoran insignia—
Fleet Pins—
Fleet Badge—
Rank Pins for WOK uniform—
Trek IX and Romulan Badge Props—
TMP Badges—

TMP Badges—
TNG Communicator Pin—
COMM badges—
Romulan Insignia—
Captains Poses—
Captain’s Poses for V4—
Communications Officer Poses—
Engineering Poses—
Lyrette Poses—
M4 Captain on Bridge Poses –
M4 Landing Party Poses –——Communicator
Navigator and Helmsman Poses—
Saurian Brandy Poses—
Science Officer Poses—
V4 Landing Party Poses (with phaser) – (with communicator)
Vulcan Actions—
Vulcan Salute—
Yeoman Poses—

23rd Century Bridge—
23rd Century Spaceship Bridge—**UPDATED-**
Agony Booth——-TOS-Mirror-Universe-set
Amok Time Arena –
Auxiliary Control—
Auxiliary Control room—
Briefing Room—
Cargo Transporter—
Cochrane’s Hut—
Commodore’s Office—
Computer Control Room—
Dome Structure—
Engineering Room (Late 23rd C)—
ENT Bathroom—
ENT Quarters—
Enterprise Bridge Set—
Explorer Bridge (Voyager Era)—
Fancy Rec Room—
Galaxy Transporter Room—
Guardian of Forever—
Hangar Deck—
Klingon High Council Chamber—
Klingon High Council Chamber Exterior—
Klingon Corridor—
Ktinga Bridge—
Last Resort Space Cafe—
Maintenance Tube—
NX Style Sickbay—
Preserver Obelisk—
Prometheus Class Bridge—
Quarters Bathroom –
Ship’s Galley—
Shuttlecraft Interior—
Starship Briefing Room—
Starship Pilots Quarters——-Refit-UPDATED?…
Starship Cabin——-UPDATED
Starship quarters (Movie Era)—
Starship Transporter Room—
TAS Corridor—
TOS Brig—
TOS Cabin—
TOS Chapel—
TOS Corridor—
TOS Court Room—
TOS Doctor’s Office—
TOS Gym—
TOS Observation Deck—
TOS Rec Room—
Transporter Room—
Transporter Room (Galaxy Class)—
TNG Hallway prop—
TNG Hallway Prop—
Torpedo room (WOK era)—
USS Hornet Bridge—
USS Voyager Bridge –
VOY First Officer’s Office—
Vulcan style Rural House—
Vulcan House and grounds—

Ships (Federation):
1960’s Starship—
Al Burak Class –
Aladdin Shuttle –
Archer Class Scout Ship—
Argo Shuttle—
Atmospheric Sensing Platform—
Ascension Class –
Banshee Class Starfighter—
Baud Class –
Botany Bay –
Bird of Prey—
“Brick” Enterprise—
Chaffee Shuttle –
Crossbow-class TOS starship:
Daedalus Class –
Delta Flyer—
Defiant Class:
Detroyat Class –
Distress Beacon—
Enigma Class –
Enterprise B—
Enterprise D—
Enterprise D:
Enterprise 1701-E—
Enterprise Refit—
Excelsior Class –
Federation Cargo Drone—
Federation Carrier Ark Royal—
Galxay Class Refit –
Hawking Class –
Hermes Class –
Insignia Class –
Iowa Class –
JJ Shuttle Craft –
Lancaster Class –
LiquGalaxy Class Refit— and Reefer Cargo Containers—
Longbow and Larson class add-ons –
Lor Vela Class –
Magellan Class –
Medusan Class –
Moskva Class –
MKF Connie:
Nemesis Dry Dock—
NX-05 –
NX Shuttle Pod –
Oberth Class—
Phase 2 Lexington-
Phase 2 Travel Pod –
Pilot Constitution Class-
Ptolemy Class –
Shuttlecraft Galileo (Exterior)—
Shuttlecraft (Interior and Exterior!)—
Small Starfrieghter—
Soyuz Class –
Space Tug –
Supply ship—
Swordfish Class –
TMP Enterprise –
TMP Travel Pod –
TMP Workbee –
Tomcat Starfighter—
TOS Cargo Ship—
TOS Classic Connie——-PP2-Format.
TOS Constellation Class—
TOS Era civilian craft—
TOS Enterprise— also
TOS Dreadnought—
Transport Container—
TOS Destroyer—
TOS Hermes Class Scout—
TOS Miranda Class –
TOS Saladin Class— also
TOS Transport/Tug—
USS Akyazi –
USS Allura –
USS Archon –
USS Antares (cargo ship)—
USS Carmen—
USS Chandley—
USS Constellation –
USS Defiant—
USS Entente –
USS Excelsior –
USS Farragut—
USS Ganymede –
USS Horizon—
USS Mandalay—
USS Manno (cargo ship)—
USS Metaluna –
USS Moscow—
USS Pioneer –
USS Prospero—
USS Ptolemy—
USS Reliant—
USS Southerland/USS Phoenix—
USS Stargazer NCC-2893 –
USS Tamerlane—
USS Valiant –
USS Volga—
USS Voyager—
Warthog Assault Ship—
Weyland Type4 Shuttle for Poser—

ISS Enterprise— or

Alexandria Station –
Deepspace 9—
Drydock from ST Nemesis –
Earth Spacedock –
G Type Starbase –
JJ Starbase –
Jupiter Station –
Madman’s Mad Universe Drydock –
Orbital Office Complex –
Phase 2 Orbital Office –
Regula One –
Spacedock 54 –
Starbase J1—
Starbase K7— also
Starbase L12—
Starbase D1—
Starbase D1—
Starbase K9—
Starbase Vanguard –
TMP Drydock –
Ships (Klingon):
Bird of Prey—
D7 Battle Cruiser –
Klingon D7 –
K’Tinga class crusier-
Madman’s JJ Warbird—
Prologic’s D7 Battle Cruiser—
Prologic’s K’Tinga Battle Cruiser—
Vor’cha Battle Cruiser—
Warbird from ST 11 –
Ships (Romulan):
Atolm’s Romulan Bird of Prey—
Bird of Prey (alt version)
Kerchan Warbird—
Romulan Cruiser –
Modified Bird Of Prey-
Romulan Bird of Prey –
Romulan Science Vessel—
Romulan Warbird—
Romulan Warbird—
Romulan Winged Defender—
TOS Classic BOP-
Romulan-like Vessel—
Warbird –

Ships (Borg):
Borg Cube— also or or
Borg Diamond –
Borg Obelisk –
Borg Sphere –
Ships (Other):
Ambassador Class—
Cardassian Galor Class—
Jem Had’dar Fighter—
Orion Pirate ship ( TAS) –
Tholian ship –
Dominion Battleship—

Other Vehicles:
KB-45 Ground Transport Vehicle—
C3 pulse plasma rifle—
Grenade Launcher—
Laser Pistol——-Early-23rd-Century—-OBJ
Old Style Phaser—
Klingon bat’leth—
Klingon bat’leth—
Klingon Disrupter—
Klingon Items:
Phaser— or
Phaser Cannon—
Phaser Type II—
Sonic grenade launcher –
TOS Phaser Rifle—
Type III Phaser Rifle—
TWOK Era Phaser—
Vulcan Lirpa—
Vulcan (ENT era0 rifle and scanners—
Vulcan pistol—
VOY Phaser—

Trek Fonts

Alien Alphabet Synthesis Machine—
Console Panels for Federation Ships and Bases—
Display Base—
Federation Credits—
FTL tunnels—
Gold Pressed Latinum—
Star Fleet and Federation Signs— or
Tribble— or
Textures for Powerage’s MOM Crowd Generator
Star Fleet Officers—
Aliens –
Transporter Moire Map Construction Kit—
Vulcan Stones—
Vulcan Script Brushes for Photoshop—
Not Necessarily Trek, but still useful:
Earth Model:
Fuseling Spacedome:
Space Junk #1:
Space Junk #2:
Space Junk #3:
Space Junk #4:
Space Module:
3 objects in .obj format:
Pandora Walkway—
Solar System—
3 SF Props in Obj. Format—
SF primatives—

Sites with models that can be converted to Poser/Daz Studio format:
3d Model Conversion Tutorial———-A site with a HUGE number of models, props, ships, and interiors. There are Lightwave and 3ds formats there, as well as MAX.—-A site with a huge selection of scifi, including Star Trek. Models are in
many formats here. Some are MAX only, but many are Poser compatible. At Battleclinic, there’s a wide variety of formats from 3Ds to lightwave.;639 Bridgecommander files are usually in .mod format. for this you need Milkshape 3D and the correct plug-in: about halfway down the Milkshape download page you’ll find the plugin you need:Milkshape Plugins R4. This combo will let you convert .mod files into standard .obj format.
or you can use NifSkope to do the conversion:
There are some challenges: the Bridge Commander packs don’t usually include ambient maps, and as Madison said sometime the textures are screwy but the models are generally higher quality than the SFC ones.