Who was Shenay Greenough?
The 19-year-old woman found dead in Pasco, Washington on Monday, May 10th 2010
Shenay was a great mother, she had all the support in the world for helping with Ayden. she was loving to all.

What happened to Shenay? Why are you writing this blog.

She was strangled Saturday May 8th, 2010 by Kurtis Robert Chapman. Chapman, age 22, is has been second-degree murder. He has an arrest warrant with bail set at $1 million. Police are searching for him.
I wrote this blog because Shenay was some one very dear to us and I am tired of seeing the comments and the media with just the bare facts of who Shenay was. Shenay was an amazing woman, with a beautiful singing voice. She would come over all the time and sing on my rockband games on my ps3, also before Ayden was born she and I would produce audio clips of her singing, I would download and create a audio track whether it was singing with, or an instrumental and she would sing with it. She was supposed to sing at my wedding back in 2005, the famous Selena song, Shenay and I rehearsed the song for probably over 300 hours in total for her to be ready. Something came up and she couldnt make it. I forgave her on it.
Shenay wanted to be a certified nurse's assistant, I believe she went to RiversEdge back in 2008 and then Tri-Tech trying to continue her education as she was very good with people. She and my girlfriend at the time Marlene were starting to become good friends. Marlene really enjoyed hanging out with her. Marlene is taking the death of Shenay hard as well.
She loved to take pictures and show off her different hair colors.

She leaves behind her family and friends and her infant son Ayden he is over 1 year old I just have to find the pictures.

Lets Journey into the young Life of Shenay in pictures. These picture are from when she was much much younger.
Lets Journey into the young Life of Shenay in pictures. These picture are from when she was much much younger.

The Obituary

Saturday may 15th 2010:

The other day there was the obituaries and I decided to cut them out and post them on here

Sorry I havent updated for a couple days, since after catching Kurtis and having him behind bars, the news hasnt really released much else. So I have been taking the time trying to find somethings things me and Shenay did.

Christine Sullivan, This is Shenay's mom we never really talked, she would come over and talk to us a little, maybe to bring Shenay over and hang out, or to pick her up. but I truly wish I could get a hold of her. Since I have no other communication to talk to her with. I want to tell her I am sorry for her loss as this has affected me in ways I never believed were possible.

Back in 2005, before I was married to Billie, Shenay was asked and accepted she would sing at my wedding, something came up and she never made it. She apologized alot but we forgave her. Being a teen girl, some things may have come up that she wasnt able to make it. The wedding wasnt the same without her. Considering she was like a little sister to me. She loved singing and one of the songs she loved singing was a song by Selena. Me and Shenay used to spend hours playing games, she loved my singing games on my ps3, and she also enjoyed playing rockband/guitar hero type of games and also working on her singing. She had such a beautiful voice, but she was shy to show it off. I would be on my laptop and she would be having the mic and sing songs on the mic. I recorded some of her singing.

My little brother Foster, Shenay's best friend is away somewhere that he found out over the phone that Shenay was murdered, my mom and foster's girlfriend Jessica went to go visit Foster, personally I wish I knew of a way to reverse time and make all this never happen. My brother doesnt deserve to loose a girl so important to him.

Sunday newspaper had a huge obituary about Shenay, she is 19 years old and her obituary was longer than some of the people who were in her 50-60's. This made me smile because this shows that Shenay was leading a pretty fulfilling life. Even though it was forcefully cut short, she still has a nice track record when it comes to things she was achieving in her short life.

This obituary was so big with my iphone it took 6 photos to show the whole thing.
on Sunday May 16th 2010, there was a gathering of Shenay friends and also her mom and dad, they called it a Vigil, I didnt go cause I have never met Shenay's friends. She and I always talked about everything. Thats the thing about Shenay she was a very private person. I know she never really spoke of me cause there wasnt much to say about me. I helped Shenay a little with her myspace profile, she was on facebook but shes never added me lol. I still have the request pending on my facebook account. She was always coming over to the house and getting on one of my other computers in order to surf the internet or check out her accounts. Other than that I would sit down with her and we would talk.

Well today is Monday May 17th 2010, tomorrow is The funeral. Tomorrow is also the day Kurtis Chapman is charged, I still havent seen anything about a double murder listed, considering the baby was alive when he strangeled Shenay. This really sucks, My little brother cannot say goodbye to Shenay to proper way. He will never be able to see Shenay again. How can you live with that not being able to see your best friend before she is buried.

Funeral is at 11 am, on May 18th 2010, interesting part is this is also the day Mount Saint Helens blew its top back in 1980.

Address of Funeral is at

South Hills Church

3700 W. 27th Ave. Kennewick, Washington

Funeral starts at 11 am. Apparently today is a 3 part deal, first the service, then the reception, then the viewing till finally Shenay is laid to rest forever. I will just be attending the service to say goodbye to my friend. Reception I may not go to. Viewing I am not sure either. Would I be able to handle seeing Shenay with no life in her body at all. I am not sure. I still have denial believing she is dead. She has in the past it was long periods of time not showing up. Basically reality hasnt set in my mind yet. I keep thinking she will show up again and let us know how shes been doing and how Ayden is doing. Basically her normal visit, but reading this blog helps me understand she is not coming back. I will write more through out the day.

On another note Kurtis will be getting charged today not yet sure what time, I will try to find out. Today is going to be a long day.

Service was beautiful, Shenay was in a white gown and in her left arm was Kyana. I was happy to see. Kyana was buried with her mother. Shenay was all made up with makeup. She was beautiful. That is also when it hit me Shenay is gone forever. I bursted out crying. Marlene walked me back to the seats, I was broken up so bad. I didnt have the heart to pull out my iphone camera and take a picture of her in her casket. However it appears some people have taken pictures and offered them to me. I have included some photos of the program for the service.
Verdict and sentencing of Kurtis Chapman
November 7 2011
Kurtis Chapman is sentenced to 24 years in prison today, after pleading guilty to killing Shenay Greenough, and her unborn child, Kyana. Its a concurrent sentencing.

You murdered my best friend, you deserve way more than what you were sentenced.
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