Shenay Greenough

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  1. I hope your doing better my Sweetheart, I know you must miss Ayden, and We most definitely miss you so much, I cant begin to say! My Beautiful Daughter My one and only I simply cant except that you were taken from me. I just don't have words. God knows what's in my heart and I hope you know how much I Love You My Sweet Girl, always and forever. I will see you in Heaven before we know it. I will do my best to provide for your son, when I am also gone. I Love him as my Life just as I do You. My Life will not be the same until I'm with you again. MOM.

  2. I still cannot believe this happened. Among other things, this is one of the main reasons my wife Erika and I decided to move away. Shenay and Sean were our room-mates about 10 months before this happened. Her son and our son spent much of their infant lives together... Eating in their high-chairs in from of children's cartoons... Wrecking the day room in just minutes,,,, and even playing in the bubble bath together. Erika looked forward to having a best friend with a child of equal age for them to grow up together as best friends. Yet suddenly, this dream-come-true scenario was turned upside down into an unimaginable nightmare. Our son Jaydin has not even seen his dear friend Ayden since 2011. I am terrible sorry for your loss Christina, I have no idea how to relate such an unexpected loss of such a great person. R.I.P. Shenay, you are missed greatly everyday.

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