I know there are so many people who have a hard time deciding things, like room names and city names and whatnot. I have taken it upon myself to stalk the internet webpages and post the ones here i think might be useful 

This page will always be getting updated. I will put the date of a update in here

last updated: 4/17/2018


Victorian/Steampunk Name Generator - Excellent for names that suit the setting.
General Name Generator - Comes up with some interesting names.
Class/Profession Generator - Has a separate setting for Steampunk-style professions. Fantastic!
Fusion Class Generator - You can fuse steampunk with fun things and end up with something weird and interesting.
Mood Generator - Beautifully simple. Could inspire a personality or work as a thread prompt.
Opinion Generator - For figuring out how a character feels about something.
Realistic Alignments - For interesting characters... most are silly, all are amusing, some are inspiring.
Person Generator - Useful for NPCs or sparking a character idea.
Character Scrambler - Scrambled archetypes for maximum awesome.
Anthropomorphic Animals - Has a steampunk setting. Could be modified to become interesting unusual Xes...
NPC Concepts - Bite-sized concepts for fun NPCs.

Gadget Namer - A great gadget name generator with a lot of detailed modifiers.
Silly Gadget Namer - See above, then remove seriousness.
Vehicle Namer - Makes some really great vehicle names. "Acidcutter" has to be Clockwork-applicable somehow.
Firearms - Innovative ways to make things go boom.
Substance Generator - Substances that might be used by Clockwork's scientists and mechanics? Things found on Tier's surface, regular metals mutated by the acid rain?
Material Generator - Again somewhat sci-fi, but would work magnificently for some technobabble.

Experiments - Wonder what your scientist character is working on? Look no further.
Peculiar Sciences - Some of these are bound to have entire labs devoted to them in the Erudite Quarter. I'm curious about Metarobotics.
Sci-Fi Academic Realms - Some are a little too Sci-Fi for this setting, some work.
Serious Academic Realms - A little dull, but plausible.
Disease Generators - Find out what ails your character. I like the idea of Bronze Cough.
Medicine Generators - Gives you both a name and a description of the medication.
Medical Tools - Some veer too far into the realm of Sci-Fi, some I could see in the offices of Tot doctors.
Particle Generator - Some of these are a bit too sci-fi, some would work marvellously for some magic technobabble.

All SS Writing Generators - I was going to link these individually then realised they're all fantastic. Story themes, plot ideas, song styles...
Steampunk Story Generator - For inspiring plotlines or stories told in character?
Steampunk Titles - Peculiar story titles
Inspiration Finder - Little ways to be inspired

Government Names - Some good ideas for how Tier's flying islands might be run.
Lost Civilisation Names - With some editing some of these might make for good surface ruins...
Room Locations - Names of rooms and locations, if you need help creating a building or a setting for your thread. Some are a little too high fantasy, others work.
Room Descriptions - Room descriptions for thread settings or character homes.
Currency Generator - Creating another island? Voila.
Corporation Creator - Who do the companymen work for?
Era Name Generator - We don't know very much about Tier before the industrial revolution... maybe we should? Exploration/Growth/Intellectual/Wealth + Mechanical + Other makes for good modifiers for the pre-Rain eras.
Legendary Creatures - Beings of myth and legend or actual danger on the surface and in the sky.
Deity Generator - For inspiring religions.

Potion Descriptions - Would work fantastically for medicines and drugs...
Candy Generator - Omnomnom.
Mixed Drink Generator - Booooze <3
Drink Description Generator - For enriching your character's boozing experience.
Book Spinner - For well-read characters.
Book Extras - A trip to the library might yield unexpected discoveries.
Book Condition Descriptions - How helpful is your book?
Art Object Generator - For random little objects.
Musical Instruments - Rock out with your cogs out.
Fashion Generator - Apart from cogs, leather and buckles, what other fashions are popular in Tier?

Pirate Ship Namer - Many names that would work splendidly for pirate airships.

Fun Fantasy Name Generator - Sophisticated stuff.

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