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[10/1/13] GTAV Title Update 1.01 Notes

[10/4/13] GTAV Title Update 1.02 Notes

[10/9/13] GTAV Title Update 1.03 Notes

[10/18/13] GTAV Title Update 1.04 Notes

[11/5/13] GTAV Title Update 1.05 Notes

[11/19/13] GTAV Title Update 1.06 Notes

[12/10/13] GTA V Title Update 1.07 Notes

[12/17/13] GTAV Title Update 1.08 Notes

[1/11/14] GTAV Title Update 1.09 Notes

[2/4/14] GTAV Title Update 1.10 Notes

[3/4/14] GTAV Title Update 1.11 Notes

[4/8/14] GTAV Title Update 1.12 Notes

[5/13/14] GTAV Title Update 1.13 Notes

[6/17/14] GTAV Title Update 1.14 Notes

[7/1/14] GTAV Title Update 1.15 Notes

GTA V hotfixes

lots of hot fixes applied by rockstar in the last couple of days.

they fixed the hooker and mugger dupe glitches and the ole 2 person car dupe and sell glitch appears to fixed as well.

* Hooker despawns after driving in garage, same as with the mugger now.

* cloned car in garage returns to being a elegy after I’m forced to leave session cause of locking up, some people claimed the friend isn’t duping the car fast enough and waiting for the elegy to confirm being delivered. Its possible considering she has no mic and I’m trying to explain to her via text how to do the damn glitch.

GTAV 1.15 release notes


Independence Day Update 1.15 : gtaglitches

There is a new update in the horizon everybody!! A lot of people are speculating this to come out on July 4th. Plus New Missions, check out the video by DomisLive! I'm so Hyped right now!!





-Ornate Bank Heist "Criminal Heist: Get behind the counter of the bank, hack the vault, steal the money and take it to the drop off location. {16 cops and 4 criminals can join the mission Opens up at Level 20}

What do you guys think of this and are you guys stoked! 😀

GTA V 1.14 patch notes


Rockstar Games

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Exploit Fixes

Wall Breaches galore

Wallbreach Mega-Thread

The previous mega-thread poster is not keeping it up to date. /u/DRObythePouNd420 advised boogleldm to make another. Here it is.

Edit: When any wallbreaches are found, tag me in the post or PM me the link. I will update this list whenever necessary. If a breach has been patched or modified, let me know and I will correct the mistake.

From Wallbreaches Mega-Thread 1

New Wallbreach locations and tutorials

Bring Cars Into "Private" Lobby : gtaglitches

I am the founder of this. Please show me, DRObythePoUnD420 some credit if this ends up anywhere other than Reddit.

I got it, finally. 🙂

Your friend needs to use the join mission/ finish mission/ freemode trick to make his own public lobby.

When it is time for you to come back online with the vehicle, press start, go to join friends, wait for the confirmation.

As SOON as you press X to confirm, Press your center button, sign out, press center button, let it force the sign in screen, etc etc.

ENjoy! It's working for me.

You can also used a lobby that you have lagged out of. As in, those lobbies where it says everyone left, but it was really just you. That lobby is still public. Bringing custom cop cars and the tow truck are a good way of causing this 🙂

You can also go to friends, join game and use that confirmation screen.

via Bring Cars Into "Private" Lobby : gtaglitches.

*SOLO* Store "ANY" Vehicle after Patch 1.13 - PS3/XBOX : gtaglitches

This is a 100% SOLO Method

Store any non-blacklisted vehicle in your garage SOLO after patch 1.13. This includes supercars and friend's cars - no police, military, or commercial vehicles. This glitch is a little tricky, so watch the video to get an example of the timing.


Park the vehicle you wanna store in front of your garage(if solo, preferably in a non-despawning location).

Enter your garage and get in the car you want to replace (If this car is insured, then the other will be)

Hold Down on the D-Pad & choose a character.

Press O/B to back out as soon as the black alert screen appears.

Do steps 3 & 4 several times to get down a a good speed of doing it.

Press R2/RT and quickly repeat steps 3 & 4.

If the glitch worked, you should be able to drive in your garage.

Press Start, Online > Jobs > Join Job > Join Random Race and press X/A.

Once the job screen begins to load, keep pressing O/B then X/A to quit the job quickly.

You will spawn glitched back in your garage.

Run out, get in the car, wait, you will glitch out, then drive out of the garage. Done.

**If you drive out of your garage while trying, just drive back in and try again.

**If you get frozen in your garage and can't do anything, switch session, and try again.

Credit goes to rafaelrgc on Se7ensins for the original tutorial.

via *SOLO* Store "ANY" Vehicle after Patch 1.13 - PS3/XBOX : gtaglitches.

The Karin Rebel selling glitch process: gtaglitches


Update on GTA Online Cheaters and Modded RP – Rockstar Support