I am tired of people always doubting my condition, I have narcolepsy. It has been a pain in the ass for me so its time I bring it all out, even the emails between me and the company, I think my memory is starting to work again somewhat cause looking at things im starting to remember things again. For a long time I was forgetting things instantly but since taking a lot of vitamins I think its helping my memory. My sleep is still messed up, i fall asleep constantly still.

Before this illness showed up I was working 60 hours a week at Amazon.com as a digital technology specialist, a job I proudly held since 2006. I was one of the first people to do Unbox, mp3s, amazon anytime upgrades, ps3, xbox, I was trained in like over 400 things for this company. What I remember and I cant remember the exact year it was either 2009 or 2010, I have the proof dont worry. I remember an email coming to the people on the floor about a new flu called swine flu H1N1 and the vaccines were being offered to people in the break room. At the time I had no desire to get a vaccine. I was perfectly healthy.

Then I started seeing articles in the newspaper about people locally dying from this flu. since I worked in a building with 900 people from the neighboring cities I finally opted to get this flu shot. I didnt know what to expect, i walked to the break room and a nurse was there waiting with a long needle, she pressed the needle into my arm straight to my tricep bicep meeting point. I was like wow that was fast, but I remember falling a couple times walking back to my work space. I talked to my area manager and said I feel sick, they told me its normal for that feeling after a vaccine. I wish I would have worried more after that my life completely changed…..

I dont remember much after that shot but I remember bits and pieces and have evidence to support it. Cause of the swine flu scare Amazon initiated a policy that for the time being if you have any type of flu symptons, do not come to work. Get a doctors note and you will be excused no discipline. Well I do have a letter from my doctor saying flu like symptoms from 2009 after the vaccine. Keep in mind I have never been sick in my life till this stupid thing.

I started getting sick for the first time in my life, over the next couple years I was in the emergency room for pneumonia 5 times, first one with my doctor was december 2010, others were with an emergency room doctor. My insurance was billed but I have nothing else from him.