Mocospace tsk, why pay moco gold for mocospace ads removal, i have made a list of domains to block to kill those pesky things.

mocospace has a lot of ads, and they ban people for no reason, basically muting them. I have had quite a few accounts on mocospace, and paying 1 dollar to get rid of ads for a couple months. I cant keep doing that so I have debugged the shit out of the traffic and these are the domains I have added to my firewall to kill all ads on mocospace. Block these in your favorite firewall and no more ads, the empty spaces are still there but the ads are gone.

Back on mocospace, using the name f0rr3st.da.g33k changed to f0rr3st.da.Mac

Back on mocospace since leaving in december, I got involved in some hosting with Donnie, and learning a little about SEO

Left mocospace finally, been on it since 2005, the site is a joke.

This site is a fucking joke, mocospace does not care about all the almost rape type stuff going on with the site. its loaded with spam bots to the rim. ignore and ban features are a joke, cause a person can easily create a new account on a cell phone, They dont care that dudes are randomly sending dick pics to females in the chat rooms. Same with females and their private areas being posted in the temp pic feature.

experian hack exposed 15 million t-mobile customers....

Experian was hacked recently and in the process confirmed today, 15 million t-mobile customers info has been compromised.


mac.daddy105 muted

mac.daddy39 is muted LMAO

mac.daddy39 muted for a day lol


Mocospace perma banned me LMAO this is the email i sent them

Ok first off I know you sent me an email back saying use report, kinda worthless considering I have no way to provide proof.

Heres the deal, I have been on mocospace for years, and never once been muted or banned. I do not message people, I do not cause trouble. I sit there and chat with my friends. I have been a big time supporter of mocospace and tell all my friends to join it. Now I'm beginning to get a little agitated how easy you take these fake threats and considering getting law enforcement involved and having the site investigated and shut down for allowing pedophiles to run like crazy in the chat rooms and the cloning and harassment that continues.

I am the owner of the profiles gumpy, rcg4u, rcg4u_ and forrest, and a lot more names, which as of March 7th 2011, after the great moco crash all of my names sides these 4 were all deleted. These 4 names, which as of now all 4 have been muted cause of your incompetence.

Let's see marishka.belle, the amelia.lasombra (one that comment on my rcg4u_ profile) jezebel.imboic, this little child has quite a few names and yet who keeps getting banned. ME

You know why this child keeps getting me muted, cause she has nothing on me, she doesn't know what i look like, doesn't know my name, doesn't know my number, address, website anything. Her only insult she has for me is calling me fatty or fatso. You say ignore these people and thats exactly what I do, Yet she and her friends mass report me and I dont even talk to them. and yet again I wake up and the next thing that happens is I am muted from the chat. Look justin, jamie and mocospace support, I am not asking for much and I think its time to consider this. You need moderators in those chat rooms, and I think the fact I am very laid back, i dont cause trouble I am the best for the position. Little girls like this Ashley chick should not be allowed to run amuck on mocospace cloning and causing issues. There are a couple others that cause lots of issues, x_goodhead_x, wrath.of.beast, big.ugly.bear.

Here is what I am wanting to happen, I want forrest, rcg4u, rcg4u_ and gumpy reinstated back allowing to chat, well gumpy was deleted and i tried to remake it, for some reason the email never came and my password doesnt work.

I want to discuss with you about you getting some moderation in the chat rooms. Lots of users are always complaining saying that the rooms are nothing but drama. Ppl can handle a lot of drama, except that when it gets to the point of being called a pedophile or constant insults about being a transsexual and stuff, or even racism. People get a little upset about it

You know the main reason of this email is I don't think its fair how you respond to these mass reports on me. Check my settings on my profiles, and if you can read pms why dont you read them and see that I have never talked to any of the people who reported me. I hang in the romance chat room and I only talk to my friends. However because you keep muting me my friends list has become very small.

Talked to justin about why teens all the sudden coming in the rooms

So teens all the sudden started flooding Romance room, 12 13 year olds. I reached out to Justin about it.

*** Update had to add an updated image since the original image server is gone.


No this is not an april fools joke, mocospace has something called mocotalk a phone service. It allows you to add a friend to list. Then once you do so. It auto generates a phone number for both of you that can only be used between you. This feature is only for US and canada. Process is as follows

Make sure you have your phone number on your account.

You find a friend you want to talk to, you add them to your mocotalk list.

After you add them it generates a phone number you can call them. You click a link to call the person, the mocotalk service calls your phone first, then it calls the other person. When you  answer it records a quick voice greeting, it asks you to say your name, then it says mocotalk now connecting….

On the receiving end it says this is mocotalk, you are receiving a call from, and it plays your quick voice greeting. WOuld you like to accept, you press 1 and it connects you.

If you and that person have a fall out or you decide you dont want to talk to them anymore via phone, just delete them it will remove you from mocotalk on both yours and their account. This is the absolute more secure way to talk to your friends good job mocospace. I hope you keep this function forever.