This name was not something I actually planned it was a spontaneous decision based on a mistake by Apple.

Why The Name SexyMacMan

So Apple released icloud it was the icloud beta, we were able to choose a name which would become our email address temperarily and in the end before public release we were supposed to be able to change our name to a more permanent one. This did not happen.

So What Happen?

Upon releasing icloud to the public whatever name you foolishly chose you were stuck with in my case, I was stuck with sexymacman, I have however made a use of the name, I have made this website, my banners and logos bare my name, also I have the nickname Mac cause of it. If you google sexymacman you will find out many things about me.

So what now?

Now I make all my pages and use SexyMacMan as if i made it up by choice, yea I get giggles and laughed at cause people think I chose it out of my own ego. Especially when i had hosting with hostgator and they asked for my email and I said it, they laughed about it. Ways of getting in touch with

exit SexyMacMan.com Narcolepticnerd.com is born

I have decided to move from my name sexymacman and make a new domain more related to my medical condition and my hobby. Welcome to https://www.narcolepticnerd.com

Back in 2011 while working for Amazon.com i came down with an unknown illness, i was suddenly completely falling asleep numerous times a day. This was back in the middle of 2011, in July. I remember talking to my manager and taking some time off work cause I was so sleepy all the time. So I took an entire weekend of PTO and also about 3 days worth of UPT returned to work and tried to work again. I returned back to work that following friday, i talked to my manager again and scheduled a doctors appt. it was set for July 19th, July 19th I went to my family doctor and he did a full examination on me. He could see I was having a terrible time trying to not fall off the bed, so i laid back and he asked me questions.

We scheduled a sleep study for me. Unfortunately it wasnt until the 30th of August. So My work put me on whats called FMLA. Its non payment, but i did have vacation hours and PTO left, so a lot of that was used in my time waiting for my sleep study. I was able to stretch it and still manage to pay my bills while waiting.

I had my sleep study in august 28th 2011, and My sleep doctor gave me my results on September 3rd saying I have narcolepsy. I have a 4 minute sleep latency average, On my MSLT i fell asleep within a couple minutes after being told to fall asleep. This is even after my PSG showing I had slept 8 hours.

Best way to describe what I have is for you the reader to stay awake for days maybe even a week, no naps, no rest and try to function. Thats me 24/7, no matter how much I sleep I always look like I havent had sleep ever. I cant remember most things I do, a lot of what I do is automation.

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