My Mother has passed away. Today is December 29th 2019 and its 11:30 am I am writing this

mom died this morning. 11:00 am, I dont know exactly whats going to happen now. I just know that when we left in August 2019, she was recovering from cancer and she was doing good. I don't get how her health dropped in 3 months. Found out December 28th 2019, she went to her dr appt december 13th a routine appt and was placed in a room eventually into hospice, her legs were turning black. I just know that for years I was helping her take care of herself with the cancer and the DVTS, she was taking like 10-15 different pills every day. Also a shot in the stomach to restrengthen her white blood cells after each chemo therapy appointment. She has given me full unrestricted access to all her medical and nowhere did it say she was terminal. Even though it was stage 4 they all kept saying that she could beat it. She was on chemo appt number 38 by the time we moved out in August 2019.
Her Memorial
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