Florida and Palms medical

I have my first check up here in florida in Jan 17th. I will write another post about what the results are of the visit.

Palms medical in Branford, Florida, I swear all they want to do is cover their own asses. I have now been off my medication My required medication since december 2019. These doctors are messing with my health.

I was sent to a doctor whom was supposed to be the neurologist. Finding out now that he wasnt a neurologist. Just someone they sent me to to try to get him to push forward in getting the medication. Apparently another primary care provider. So they are trying to set me up with a neurologist.

Next I had blood work done and My blood work came back.

"You do have a factor V Leiden mutation. We will send you to hematology to discuss further"

So its confirmed I have the blood disorder my mom was concerned about.

My Diagnosises so far

Factor V Leiden mutation 03/06/2020active
Narcolepsy with cataplexy 02/06/2020active
Family history of stroke 02/06/2020active
Seizure disorder NOS 01/17/2020active
Narcolepsy with cataplexy 01/17/2020active
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