Like any other web hosting provider we look for ways around having to populate our knowledge base by ourself. Could be maybe we just dont want to write it ourself, or maybe we feel another company has better articles. I for one was a supporter of's knowledge base articles at one time. They seem pretty shitty now tho. They havent updated their kb articles to gutenberg.

WHMCS Version

This is what you get for $51 dollars, and 3 days of waiting, for whmcs, you get a sql file and a folder called img, thats a bunch of low resolution images with some type of watermark on it saying your domain name. each article is less then a paragraph or so. you put the folder in your root of whmcs and import the sql file that was included, it shows up in knowledgebase for whmcs, looks nice right. I was happy with the look, then i clicked a wordpress article.

There is no gutenberg support, my clients do not use classic wordpress so why would you not update your post and add a gutenberg sub section.

WordPress Version

wordpress version comes with a img folder and a xml file to import, it imports all the posts as active posts into the wordpress so you get 278 posts popped into uncategorized, i had to add the categories and i also had to move them into the right spots. You know how much of a pain it is to move 278 articles into the correct locations. You could have gone through the extra effort with wordpress and when done export the file as a wordpress import file not xml. Needless to say I am not happy about my purchases, I do not and will not recommend these amateurs.