I believe I have Gadolinium Toxicity poisoning, I think I need to be tested. I was talking to someone about how I am feeling all the time, showed them my MRI stuff and they saw the contrast I was given and showed me a current lawsuit happening, since my first MRI back in 2012 in KGH.

I have even brought it up multiple times how I see in the fog all the time, i described it to the doctors as basically like i just lit up a cigarette and smoked one for the first time in months, thats how my head is 24/7, also how my vision has deteriorated. The neurologist and my original doctor believed it was in part to my narcolepsy, my second MRI was due to the fact I have extensive memory loss and constant dizzyness, again everyone believes is part of my narcolepsy. I researched it more and found out the contrast I was given is one of the ones. Listed something called Multihance. I am not sure what the next step is. What is this test I am supposed to do

This was my second MRI