Please help Sheila Cook

of $15,000 goal

Sheila Cook needs your help, This is actually an emergency,  she has been locked up since November 1st 2018 to the local jail here and then on november 27th 2018 extradited to Florida, putnam county jail, been there since November 29th 2018, for some serious crimes she did not commit, She is the mother of 3 children 2 being autistic and 1 that has a facial issue called cleft palate and they miss their mom. Anything you provide will help her.

She finally has a lawyer and We need these funds for her being in jail while the lawyer works the case. We need to bail her out too, we have someone who will sign, but we dont have the money, her next court date is Feb 5th 2019. She has a place local with a friend to stay with so when bailed out she can easily walk to the court house. Please help her she has never been arrested before and they are treating her like a hardened criminal. Only choice is to pay the full $15,000 or to pay bond its 1500 and needs a signature we have the signer, but not the money, and shes being charged 3 dollars a day while in putnam county jail. read more about it on