My Mom and her fight

We are thankful for all the support you guys have shown her. This is such a shocking and unexpected. These medical bills are getting up to 100k, each ambulance is over 1500, she had radiation for 10 days, ambulance ride to and from the hospital. every test shes had down has cost over 2000-3000. Her chemo treatments are very expensive, My mom does not smoke,, she used to but that was a long time ago. has not smoked in a long time, and she ended up with lung cancer, If it wasnt for my gf researching and not believing my moms original diagnosis from the doctor she went to see. She would have been dead. Sheila researched my moms symptoms and found that my mom did not have sinusitus as originally diagnosed, she believed my mom had a pleurisy, so my mom went to another doctor and was xrayed and results came back she had pleural effusion, Another Doctor advised her to come into the hospital immediately, cause she needed her lung drained, they drained 1500 ml of liquid from her left lung, and in doing that they found a mass that was 3 inches. They hospitalized her and during that time did tests and discovered she has stage 4 carcinoma lung cancer. My mom is an amazing woman and I am the one having a hard time holding this together. If it was not for my gf being able to recognize some symptoms. My mom would not be alive. The doctor after diagnosing her with stage 4 cancer, had said that my mom only had 3 months to live unless she started chemo, they installed a port in the upper right part of her chest and that is where they inject 3 poisons every 3 weeks. My mom is strong in dealing with this.