I really hate hearing stories like this, especially knowing how much we all love our pets. This story gained global exposure, becuase unlike the horror stories we have heard in the past, this 10 month old baby Frenchie was in cabin with her owners when she died. And her death was avoidable and preventable.

Poor Baby Kokito The French Bulldog

kokito the french bulldog who was pet shipped using united airlines petsafeKokito was a little male Frenchie who was flying with a mother and a 7 year old child in cabin on United Airlines. In cabin has always been the safest way to go if you are going to fly your pet (vs cargo). But, not this day. The craft started experiencing turbulence, and Kokito began to bark. A United Airlines Flight attendant then instructed Kokito's owner to place the puppy in the overhead storage bin. According to the owner and the child, the flight attendant was told that the carryon was actually a puppy. The flight attendant cited that the bag was a safety hazard, and the carrier containing the puppy was then placed in an overhead bin. The puppy passed away, most likely from lack of oxygen.

More Dogs Die On United Airlines Than Any Other Airline

According to a report from the DOT (I actually blogged about this report last year), United Airlines has had the the most animal deaths and injuries among all United States airlines in 2017, with 18 animals dead and 13 injured while flying through United's PetSafe cargo program. This is unacceptable. Pet owners should not have to worry about their babies dying while traveling! Especially healthy, young pets who still have a long life ahead of them.The airlines just aren't safe anymore, cargo or cabin.