Seahawks and 49ers fans trashtalking? yea right!!!!

it looks like a bunch of pissy 49ers fans who didnt exist

till JimmyG's wins starting from a 0-8 record brought the record to 6 - 10 for the season. Then you invest a lot of money in a quarterback who had a hot streak.

[psp_rs_person name="Jimmy garropolo " url="" image="" jobtitle="Quarterback"]


I admit its very impressive Garoppolo went 5-0 with 1,560 yards passing in the last 5 games of the season. I guess we shall see.

Had to leave this one group I was in called 49ers vs seahawks its a trash talking facebook group (yea right), the whole group is butthurt over a user named Mitchell Jones, at first I trashtalked against mitchell jones and come to realize hes actually quite a smart fellow.  I have never seen so many cry babies in a group such as that one. I talk trash, but you dont see me cussing and swearing up a storm cause of someone posting on subjects.  Going on the seahawks/49ers group today I realized how childish they all are even the owner is a child, They banned Mitchell Jones cause they cant handle trash talking I reached out to Mitchell Jones to talk to him and he instantly thought I was trying to gather intel or something. I told him i talk trash in the group, I have no issues with him.


Anyways dropped that pathetic group couple hours ago. I have my sites to work on.