Having issues visiting websites, websites are seeming slow to load, or even worse locking up and eventually saying unable to connect or resolve. This is indication of a DNS issue.

Diagnosing a dns issue is quite easy. You can do this by knowing the ip of a website you constant visit like for example google.com.

google.com ip is

basically means that if you visit https://google.com and it gets an erro try and if it loads its just a dns issue.

You visit a website and get a error.. Oh Oh you got an error message unable to view a website, says unable to resolve. You remember seeing the ip for the same site and test it.

This usually means your dns server is not resolving ip hostnames correctly. dns is a protocol that turns human readable hostnames into a numerical computer address, ip address is a unique set of numbers assigned to the domain name. Without a functioning DNS you are will be unable to visit a website by its domain name. I found this cool utility that makes it easy to change dns quickly.






I love the fact I can open a window and scan for other dns servers and choose the one with the fastest response.

dns jumper