finally fixed my tile database on windows 10

Finally after over 5 months of fighting with this issue on windows 10 I have fixed my issue on my own. The issue was my tile database the little file called vedatamodel.edb was corrupt or missing or whatever else the computer could make excuses for.

This in turn caused issues with lots of my programs, pose crashed cause of it, so did my steam games, and my windows store failed to work. This is what I did.

1. I made a new account in my windows using cmd 
net user test thepassword /add

2. enabled the main administrator account
net user Administrator /active:yes

3. logged out of my current account
shutdown -L

4. logged into the admin account, since it was a first time use it took a bit to start up.

5. opened up explorer, then typed in %Appdata%, this in turn opened up c:/users/Administrator/AppData/Roaming

6. typed my user test in place of Administrator pushed enter, went to local instead of Roaming. then looked for a folder called TileDataLayer under local, copied the Database folder inside of it to my flash drive.

7. then I i change back to my folder by typing again %appdata% then Forrest in place of Administrator, back to local, then went inside the TileDataLayer folder, renamed database folder to Database.backup, copied the Database folder from my flash drive to the folder. then logged out and signed back in. My computer is now fix my windows store works again, it installs the apps and obtains the licenses again.



after you are done disable the test and Administrator accounts again.

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