Poser Pro 11 SR2

SR2 offers several enhancements and addresses known issues present in the following areas:

• General performance and stability updates and improvements

• Content Library improvements

• Material Room improvements

• Preview Rendering improvements

• Final Rendering improvements

• Figure Creation improvements

• Import/Export improvements

• PoserPython improvements

With your registered Poser 11 serial number, you can access and download updates via Download Manager (available at http://poser.smithmicro.com/poserupdates.html).


SR2 Enhancements and Fixes, by Category


• Paul and Pauline OBJs are now included for Walk Designer.

• Added Talk Designer visemes for Paul.

• Corrected normal calculation to address shading artifact on Pauline’s and Paul’s back.

• Direct Manipulation Tool: Enabled translate and rotate for Body actor.

• Fixed case where injecting mismatched targetParm types would cause instability.

• Hidden preference ALWAYS_WRITE_FULL_PATHS now forces absolute paths in documents

Content Library

• Library drag & drop: Added info bar to indicate drop targets.

• Enabled drag and drop from search results list.

• Added native drag & drop to enable drop on 3rd party applications (Windows only).

• Enabled preferences slider value display.

• Fixed case where thumbnails were not refreshing properly when replacing an old thumbnail with a new version.

• Library refresh now indexes directories that are updated externally.

• Adding an item to the library now indexes the directory in which the item has been added.

• Adding a runtime triggers top-level indexing so that its items show up in search.

• Enabled prioritized indexing. Now prioritizing indexing of Runtimes which have been indexed the longest time ago (or never).

• Fixed case where Library layout would change after adding new folder.

• Fixed case where selecting subset while adding props to Library would cause instability.

• Improved search results: Now showing found folders.

• Reintroduced “Locate” context menu functionality for search results.

• Search queries can now contain single or double quoted phrases as well as – or ~ for negation.

• Fixed a problem where search results panel wasn’t populating fully. This would cause only the top 20 results to show until forcing a resize.

• Fixed case where thumbnails for unselected items were not being shown in Item List view.

• Fixed case where saving figure with strand-based hair would cause instability.

• Re-enabled partner content search (OS X only).

Material Room

• Now drawing dotted wires for connections between lighting nodes and non-closure accepting inputs.

• Fixed a problem where animated status of shader node inputs were lost when switching rooms.

Preview Rendering

• Improved drawing performance of subdivided objects.

• Improved OpenGL preview of PhysicalSurface node.

• Improved Raytrace Preview robustness.

Final Rendering

• SuperFly: Non-branched path tracing now renders with correct alpha channel

• SuperFly: Disabling camera visibility for an object now also makes it invisible when seen through transparent surfaces.

• SuperFly: Now ignoring degenerate triangles in tangent space normal map rendering to prevent freeze.

• SuperFly: Increased robustness when rendering the Edge Blend node.

• FireFly: Now correctly dealing with transparency when there are two PoserSurface nodes in a tree where the inactive one is opaque.

• FireFly: Anisotropic node now a closer match to Poser 10/Pro 2014.

Figure Creation

• Fitting room: Fixed case where adjusting vertex weights during fitting would cause instability (Poser Pro only).

• Rig Symmetry: Enabled transfer of Force Limits setting.

• Pose Symmetry: Fixed case where Pose Symmetry > Left to Right did not work when IK was off.

• Copy Morphs From: Fixed case where transferring subdivision-level morphs would cause instability (Poser Pro only).

• Fixed case where scuplting subdivision-level morphs would cause mesh corruption (Poser Pro only).


• GoZ: Fixed configuration path folder permissions (Poser Pro only).


• Added the following methods to ShaderNodeCompundData type: CreateNode(), DeleteNode(), AttachTreeNodes(), DetachTreeNode().

• Added isControlProp() method to check if a prop is a control prop.

• Fixed error in Documentation.py.

• Added material.DeleteLayer().

• OBJ import: Added option kImOptCodeSCALEABSOLUTE. If the kImOptCodeSCALEABSOLUTE option is non-zero, the percentage will be used as an absolute scale, rather than % of Poser figure size.

Previous SR1 Enhancements and Fixes, by Category


• Poser now launches on Windows 8. This OS version remains unsupported. Please update to Windows 8.1.

• Library and Log palette toggle icons are now easier to click.

• Enabled Facebook upload for rendered images (Windows only).

• Fixed case where closing document while viewing it with a non-default camera would cause instability.

• Fixed case where deleting a non-default camera would cause instability.

• Added a dependency between Center of Mass actor and figure. Center of Mass prop can no longer be deleted, preventing instability.

• Now automatically enabling Body actor when loading figure with skinning method set to Poser Unimesh.

• Updated Wardrobe Wizard.

Content Library

• Item List panel: Enabled Drag and Drop.

• Item List panel: Sped up library item loading from highly populated folders.

• Now properly omitting folder thumbnail display when no thumbnail is available (Internet Explorer 9 only).

• Better messaging for empty search results when indexing.

• Added support for conforming hair with CR2/CRZ file extensions in Hair category.

• Now preserving divider position between Tree and Item List view panels more reliably.

• Refresh item icon now rotates while refresh is in progress.

• Improved Add to Favorites dialog layout.

Material Room

• Fixed a problem with scene preview showing incorrectly after a Copy and Paste in Advanced view.

• Copy and Paste now honors the selected render engine when pasting selections including root nodes.

• Fixed problems where the FireFly root or SuperFly root was not 0th in the Node list.

• Compound nodes: Improved internal wiring robustness.

• Enabled use of more than one Cycles ImageTexture node at one time.

Preview Rendering

• Fixed excessive transparency when layered materials are used.

Final Rendering

• Saving and loading a turned off light now preserves Cast Shadow flag.

• SuperFly: Improved handling of dark highlights on PoserSurface and PhysicalSurface in branched path tracing.

• SuperFly: Now verifying that light shaders are up to date when rendering.

• SuperFly: Now interpreting material node vector inputs as linear.

• SuperFly: Improved handling of transparency in path tracing on PoserSurface and PhysicalSurface.

Figure Creation

• Enabled magnet zone weight painting on Poser Unimesh skinned figures.

• Fixed case where deleting a Full Body Morph while Dependency Editor was enabled would cause instability.


• OBJ Export: Corrected “As Morph Target” export path. Now properly using the untransformed vertices combined with active morph and magnet deforms to allow for eventual re-import as morph target in local space.

• GoZ: Fixed case where “.” in the object name would cause instability (Poser Pro only).

• Fixed case where loading an MP3 misrepresenting its sample count would cause instability (OS X only).

Known Issues

• Library search: Text entry may not respond to Enter key. Click the magnifying glass icon to initiate a search if you encounter this issue (Windows only).

• GoZ: Temporarily disabled the “Apply before joint rotation” option that appears upon returning a posed figure from ZBrush (Poser Pro only).

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