ATT customer service, I am happy.

my mom came to me and shes like Forrest I cannot afford this ATT bill, find me another carrier, I asked her to give me a chance, i talked to ATT. The following is an unedited conversation with the ATT chat. I am very amazed at the service I have receive.


Luisa you are amazing and I believe you will go a long way, you are very professional and quick

AT&T: Hello! How may we help you today?
Forrest: we need to fix an error thats on the account
Luisa: Hello! Good afternoon, Forrest! 🙂
Luisa: Absolutely! May I know which is the error on your account?
Forrest: there should be only 1 plan with all the devices, but apparently the ATT store mae a seperate plan for the new phone
Forrest: so there is now 2 mobile plans
Luisa: Oh, I totally understand your concern. Do not worry please, I will go ahead and fix it now!
Luisa: 😀
Forrest: thank you
Luisa: Please allow me a couple of minutes while I get it fixed.
Luisa: My pleasure!
Forrest: the 3528 should be on the same plan as the other 4 devices not on its own
Luisa: Got it! 😀
Luisa: I am now working on it.
Luisa: All under same 10GB Data plan!
Forrest: yes
Forrest: but its supposed to be a 15 GB plan
Forrest: the associate told my mom and said we can put you on a 15 GB plan same price, but she didnt realize the associateaded a new 15 GB p;an
Forrest: plan
Luisa: Do not worry, I can definitely make the change as well!
Luisa: Yes, that is right.
Luisa: S:
Luisa: 😀
Luisa: *
Forrest: it was supposed to be an upgrade to the existing plan and the 3528 was an added phone on the existimg plan
Luisa: Perfect. Forrest now the line is on the same shared plan! 😀
Luisa: Now I will go ahead and change it to the 15GB plan!
Forrest: awesome
Forrest: and whatever about this mistake the bill is so high cause of the phone being on its own plan for a couple months
Forrest: what about ^
Luisa: ;D
Luisa: Oh, let me please check it out as well. May I know how many months it was?
Forrest: it was like 2 months
Forrest: and the rep also gave her some tablet and she was unaware it was going to charge her 10 bucks a month for it
Forrest: that 8807
Luisa: Oh, okay, I understand, Forrest. Yes, but please keep in mind that the monthly payment of $10.00 is in order to have Data service on it.
Forrest: but its suspended
Forrest: my mom never intended to have it online with a cell service
Forrest: the associate never mentione it required cellular service
Forrest: i have wifi and its a tablet
Forrest: it was something the associate plugged to her as something great for the little one,
Forrest: its an android tablet, but the rep faile to mention that it woul charge a monthly fee to use
Forrest: i have wifi and there is no reason to have any tablet use cellular service
Forrest: we have ipads and everything
Forrest: it was offered to her free when she bought a cell phone for my brother
Forrest: thats the only reason she agreed to it
Luisa: Oh, okay, I understand, Forrest. Indeed, the tablet itself it’s free, it is given under a two year contract after this period of time you can take it off from your account.
Luisa: Oh! Forrest, this misinformation cases are totally unacceptable in our company. Certainly, the rep at the store should have provided with all the information about the tablet.
Forrest: yea thats why shes having me contact you
Forrest: shes pretty upset about the cost of the bill she cant afford that
Forrest: i managed to cancel that subscription thing on the 3528 ATT navigator somehow started a subscription charge
Forrest: i appreciate you fixing this up for me, we have been loyal customers a long time
Forrest: she just got a message today saying the subscription was renwed for this ATT navigator thing
Forrest: none of us even drive
Luisa: Indeed! You are valued customers and you can be totally sure we will honor that always. First of all, I will finish with your plan change to the 15GB and then we will took care of about this subscription. Do not worry! I will go ahead and canceled once and for all and provide you with the refund.
Forrest: and what about the mistake of the 3528 and the 2 months worth of the over charge cause of the mistake of the rep
Luisa: Indeed! This as well will be fixed. Do not worry, please.
Forrest: she was unaware of being charged for a seperate plan on the 3528
Luisa: I totally understand. I am very glad you noticed this so we can get it fixed
Forrest: thank you
Luisa: You are so welcome!
Luisa: Forrest, I will make the 15GB plan effective on 01/16 when your new billing cycle start. Would that be okay with you?
Forrest: thats fine
Luisa: Perfect!
Forrest: my mom just wants this to be adjusted and fixed
Luisa: I totally understand. Do not worry, Forrest. I will make sure all is fixed on your account by the end of this chat.
Luisa: 😀
Luisa: I commit myself to do it!
Forrest: my mom would not min just having the credit applied to the bill
Luisa: Oh! Certainly! Not only the credit, Forrest but all fixed on your account. Thats is why I am now working on it.
Forrest: awesome
Forrest: yep you have adjusted the bill
Luisa: ;D
Luisa: Alright, Forrest! I have just fixed the problem with the line as well as the plan change.
Luisa: I just sent you a message confirmation to line 509-554-8242
Forrest: i see it
Luisa: Awesome!
Luisa: Thank you!
Luisa: I would you to verify it on your end as well. Please log off and then back in to your online account so you can see it fixed. 🙂
Forrest: its confirming its been changed
Luisa: Thanks for verifying.
Forrest: yep logged in an see its changed
Luisa: YAY!
Luisa: Please check that the line is also on the same plan as the others.
Forrest: now about the over charging and such?
Luisa: May I know if you see that as well?
Forrest: yep 3528 is on the main plan now
Luisa: Correct. I am now taking a look at your bill as well as your past bill to verify since when this is happening.
Luisa: Excellent!
Luisa: Thanks for verifying again 🙂
Luisa: Forrest, thanks for your patience and time.
Forrest: yep I thank you for assisting me in this
Forrest: my mom was ready to move to another cell service
Forrest: i said no let me talk to ATT first
Luisa: We will go ahead and provide your with the $200.00 credit for the extra plan that was added extra on the line 3528. On behalf of the previous agent please take our most sincere apologizes. As a valued customer, we do really care about this kind of issues and will take care of this right away as well.
Forrest: ok and the subscription?
Luisa: Oh! That was certainly a very good idea, Forrest! Thanks a lot for that and give us the opportunity to get it fixed for you.
Forrest: is it verified canceled and can you refund it too?
Luisa: Certainly! Once I finish with the credit, I will go ahead and take care of the subscription as well.
Forrest: i love ATT ive used this company since cingular, i still have cell phones with cingular logo using my same number since 2006
Luisa: Wow! Amazing! That’s certainly amazing, Forrest. Thanks for being such a loyal customer ♥
Forrest: im glad you prove to me once again why I stay with ATT
Luisa: Aw! Thanks, Forrest! It is certainly really nice to hear your words. We are absolutely amazed.
Luisa: You credit has been applied, by the way. Please go to the Overview page of your online account and verify for me it is there now
Forrest: where do i see credit?
Luisa: If you are not able to see it yet, do not worry. Please try logging off and then back on again for me and you will see it right away 🙂
Luisa: It is appearing now on green big letter on top pag
Luisa: page*
Forrest: yep I see it
Luisa: Great! YAY!
Luisa: Thanks. 🙂
Luisa: Forrest, I was checking also the subscription.
Forrest: 188.47, so now one more question
Forrest: how much does that make the monthly bill
Luisa: There is nothing to be worried about. The subscription is now inactive and the refund has been applied as well for the $10.85 charge.
Luisa: It won’t be appearing anymore on your bill. You can be totally sure about that.
Luisa: Would you like a text confirmation?
Forrest: yes I would
Forrest: im actually printing the chat as well
Forrest: you have been amazing
Luisa: Awesome! You can also send it to your email 🙂
Luisa: Oh, thank you Forrest. I do really appreciate your kind words. They mean a lot to me, truly.
Luisa: Let me please check how much is in total your monthly bill now that it has been fixed 🙂
Forrest: thank you
Luisa: My pleasure!
Luisa: Thank you for waiting.
Forrest: my pleasure
Luisa: Forrest, the estimated for your monthly bill is of $271.05/mo before taxes! 😀
Forrest: is that normal?
Luisa: Yes, that is correct.
Forrest: can you block do not purchase on all numbers except 8242 an 3156
Luisa: It is including your monthly price plan, the monthly payments for the lines in your account, Insurance package, ad well as the two monthly installments for lines ending in 3156 and 8448
Luisa: Absolutely!
Forrest: or is that something I can do?
Luisa: You mean to add a purchase blocker on all lines except on those 2?
Forrest: only phones allowed to charge to the account should be 3156 and 8242 and 3156 is the primary owner number
Forrest: yes
Luisa: Oh, okay!
Luisa: Sure thing, Forrest!
Luisa: I see there is purchase blocker already on line 3528
Luisa: The other two lines in the account are suspended.
Luisa: Would you line me to check those as well?
Forrest: yes i put that on this morning
Luisa: Oh, okay, great!
Luisa: Done, Forrest! Since the other two lines are suspended there is nothing to be worries about. You have add it the purchase blocker already on the line. 🙂
Forrest: I am very happy for the service you have provided today
Luisa: Thank you again, Forrest! You’re amazing! You’ll make me blushing with all those beautiful words.
Luisa: Is there anything else I can help you with?
Forrest: you have been amazing and thank you for the help. I cannot think of anything else that needs fixed
Luisa: Thanks again!
Luisa: It has been really nice chatting with you today, I am really glad I was able to get all fixed on your account. Now, you and your mom do not have to worry about these things affecting your experience with us.
Luisa: Have a wonderful weekend!
Luisa: Happy New Year for you and yours ♥
Forrest: you too and thanks again
Luisa: You are so welcome!
Luisa: ;D
Luisa: Feel free to close this chat window whenever you are ready.

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