roboform is no longer reliable… I have moved to 1password

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I am ceasing using roboform any more been using it for over 10 years, the software locks up all the time I am not sure why, the desktop version works great but the browser plugin acts like it needs to contact the online roboform database all the time. Also roboform only allows 40 megs of space use on their server long ago when I had robofrom the USB stick I stored a bunch of keys on it for some purchased software. Considering it never went over the 40 megs. Roboform shouldnt have touched it. They deleted my files off their server, they were in folders. I have decided to move to 1password they let me use my dropbox account for storage. You want my business back roboform, quit forcing us to use roboform everywhere and give us ability to sync using a cloud account.