OctaneVR and Octane Render


Not much documentation is on the difference between these 2 so let me clear it up.

OctaneVR requires an internet connect, doesnt use more than 2 gpus and cant use any of my purchased plugins.

Octane Render is the same but can do network rendering, can use my plugins and can use more then 2 gpus.

I bought poser plugin for 177 dollars and the carrara plugin for 112 and I cant use my carrara plugin

I buy everything legit but hell with business practices like this company no wonder people do piracy.  I thought perfect I can purchase these individual plugins one at a time and keep using the trial standalone for right now. Oh how wrong I was its not even close to the other Octane Render Standalone.


Non–subscription plugins cannot be used on subscription standalones


WTF no wonder people try to pirate your crap, what a crock of shit this is.

So lets reiterate my frustration:


As much as I love this software I am pretty annoyed at the issues trying to get it activated. So I have OctaneVR and OctaneVR for poser from the competition installed. I decided to buy carrara and poser plugins so I can start building my octane setup however I cant use carrara cause of the standalone being a subscription standalone.

Image 2015-05-01 at 12.17.45 PM.png


So I cant use my purchase unless I fork out another 335.16  bucks for a fucking standalone. We are not all rich I have to budget my money to try to purchase this

I guess I have to wait till next month to use carrara with octane render. SMH


lol now I start Octane for Carrara and i get this

Image 2015-05-01 at 2.17.59 PM.png



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