reality 4.1 and luxrender 1.5 could be the future for me

In his blog the creator of reality for poser, mentioned that using reality 4.1 and luxrender 1.5 he got 600% more speed in his renderings with the same quality that he did previously by switching on his new CPU Acceleration. Thats right CPU not GPU, so hes given Reality a chance against daz3d’s nvidia iray support. I cannot wait to try out this new reality.




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You heard me talking about massive speed improvements in the next version of Reality, here is a sneak peek at what’s coming up, hopefully in Reality 4.1.

The first image is rendered with standard bidirectional rendering and it took more than half hour, 35 minutes to be precise, to render at 250 samples per pixel.

The same exact scene but now rendered with Reality’s CPU Acceleration option:

Yes, you are reading it right. That is three minutes! A 10-times speed up. And this is just with the CPU. No GPU necessary. This works on all machines, Macs or Windows, and it doesn’t matter if you have a video card from nVidia, AMD or Intel. The next stage will be to engage the GPU, but again, Reality gives you the freedom to use whatever hardware you have. Because Reality relies on open standards, you are free to use whatever they prefer. The test was performed on the same machine running at the same exact condition. This is a real-life test.

I want to thank again the developers of LuxRender 1.5 for the phenomenal job on this release.

A ten times speed improvement with the same gorgeous quality you are used to obtain from Reality, that is what’s next.


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