Poser Pro Game Dev SR5 update info

Smith Micro Software, Inc. and the Poser team are pleased to announce that the Poser Pro 2014 Service Release 5 (SR5) is now available for both Mac OS X and Windows. SR5 will update your non-beta version of Poser Pro 2014 or Poser Pro Game Dev to the latest version.




SR5 offers several enhancements and addresses known issues present in the following areas:


     General performance and stability improvements

     Materials improvements

     Animation improvements

     Preview Rendering improvements

     Final Rendering improvements

     Figure Creation improvements

     Import/Export improvements

     PoserPython improvements

In order to download Poser Pro 2014 SR5 or receive technical support for the product, you must have registered your Poser Pro 2014 application serial number. If you have not yet done so, please register now at http://www.smithmicro.com/support/product-registration.aspx.


With your registered Poser Pro 2014 or Poser Pro Game Dev serial number, you can access and download SR5 via Download Manager, or at http://poser.smithmicro.com/poserproupdates.html.

SR5 Enhancements and Fixes, by Category


·         Now dirtying scene flag for all commands (undo and redo).

·         Now prompting user to locate missing PMD files.

·         Frame selected now works properly for non-orbiting cameras.

·         Corrected behavior of loading alternate keyboard shortcuts, now properly interpreting keyboard ID.

·         Now preventing loss of undo commands when multiple actions are performed in rapid succession in Document window.

·         Optimized logic around prioritizing Runtime search when user has a large number of Runtimes.

·         Color picker now works with Microsoft Surface or Wacom Bamboo pen input (Windows only).

·         Duplicating a parented prop no longer results in an errant dialog.

·         Now accepting lower case previous serial numbers in Personalize dialog.

·         Fixed undo of figure deletion so that it properly restores props constrained to body parts.

·         Fixed a problem that caused spurious node adoption in Hierarchy selection dialog when clicking checkboxes/visibility toggle.

·         Fixed case where unexpected parameter types found on actors would cause instability upon loading scene.

·         Now restoring proper locale after 3rd party shell extension left it set wrong in Save As… dialog (Windows, regions with comma decimal separator only)


·         New materials now have a default transparency falloff of 0.0.

·         Poser 4 style trans map/bump map material blocks in a PZ3 file won’t affect gamma of the texture anymore.

·         Fixed a problem with undo of value changes on compound node inputs.


·         Now displaying frame range to be deleted when reducing number of frames in scene.

·         Fixed a problem with reading Bullet physics simulation names where name collisions were being handled incorrectly.

·         Graph palette: Improved performance and robustness of audio playback during scrubbing

·         Graph palette: Improved reliability of making changes to animation layers.

·         Graph palette: Improved reliability of undoing changes to animation layers

·         Animation palette: Collapse all layers is now undoable.

·         Animation palette: Reintroduced missing Play Range and Sound Range label text.

·         Fixed case where keyframes at the end of a sequence imported via BVH weren’t deletable.

·         Fixed case were rotations were being zeroed before the current frame upon BVH import.

·         Fixed a problem where Undo/Redo of certain actions (e.g. Importing BVH) could result in loss of keyframes.

·         Make Movie: Fixed case where ProRes 4444 encoding would result in alpha channel only (OS X 10.9, Preview render engine only).

Preview Rendering

·         Lights with negative intensities no longer cause hardware shaded preview to turn black.

·         Fixed case where shrinking viewport below depth map shadow size would cause instability (Intel Hardware Shading OS X Mavericks only).

·         Fixed a problem with display of transparency when loading a material pose from the library.

·         Improved preview of normal maps on Simple Bones Single Skin and Poser Unimesh-skinned figures.

·         Fixed double drawing of actors marked to subdivide separately in Outline display styles.

Final Rendering

·         Improved look of Indirect Diffuse Light without Irradiance Caching.

·         Now allowing more than 256 lights per scene.

·         Improved stability of multithreaded FireFly rendering.

·         Fixed problems with disappearing geometries in renders caused by figure ID change during parsing.

·         Improved raytraced shadow terminator on coarsely tesselated objects.

·         Fixed case where 3D motion blur would not be applied to objects with smooth polygons.

·         Fixed case where pixels at the edge of the frame could be omitted.

Figure Creation

·         Hierarchy editor: Can now perform deletion/visibility toggle/reparent on multiple selected items.

·         Fixed a problem where morph targets with no master parameters weren’t showing up in deletion dialog.

·         Group editor: Fixed case involving vertex groups where deleting polygons would eventually cause instability.

·         Group editor: Fixed a problem with logic for growing polygon edge loops in certain cases.

·         Properties palette: Added Enable Legacy Welding option to restore pre-10.0.x welding behavior for those figures that rely on it.

·         Restored Wave deformer functionality and saving of settings.

·         Fixed case where scale channels would get reordered during file save.

·         Morphs of attached props are no longer listed twice when selecting morphs for figure polygon reduction (Pro Game Dev only).

·         Improved results after applying polygon reduction to a body part of a Poser Unimesh-skinned figure (Pro Game Dev only).

·         Fixed case where parameters were lost during combining figures. (Pro Game Dev only).


·         Now deleting unused vertices when an exported OBJ is welded at body part seams.

·         Restored 3DS import functionality.


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