Software Review: Recover Keys

I love reviewing software products but mostly I do it for mac, but this one I really like for windows and for mac

You ever run into a situation where you had to reinstall your windows or mac os and you lost all your product keys for software you have purchased. I ran into just that type of issue today, one of my computers has um kinda died and needs to be reinstalled i have managed to export a .reg file from the registry using hirenboot cd, and searched google for a software keys recovery. This is what I found so Look no further let me introduce you to Recover Keys located at made by the folks at This program has managed to recover every serial i had from my previous registry backup. So I look forward to using it to reregister all my software on one of my other windows machines. I am planning on getting the basic license since i have quite a few computers.

So I have been messing with the demo for mac and for windows and it looks like it finds just about every piece of software registered on the devices, it shows up as hidden (cause of it being a demo) after only showing the first 3 of a serial, whats cool is you can remotely scan a mac for software keys. Considering I have a lot of macs and windows machines with different software this is quite useful. It appears to use putty and ssh in order to remotely connect to a mac and get the serials. It gives you certain methods of scanning.

some options for scanning

You can import another machines .reg file and get all the keys from it (I really like this one) The registry hive, from like windows vista, windows 7 and windows 8. I could see using this a lot before reformatting a customers customer, or any of my own personal machines. It lets you back up the results in multiple file formats.

The formatted html is really nice, it even deep scans and finds all your licenses from programs that dont put keys i the registry. Prices are as follows

go to the purchase page here

I really love this software, I have reached out to the company in hopes of getting a licensed version to give a much better review.


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