Never Let Go

Dont let go
He whispered as he held on tight
Dont let go
He murmured as he watched someone else that night
Dont let go
I whispered softly as his fingers untwined
Dont let go
I whimpered as his heart unlocked from mine
He let go
I cried as I warched him leave
He let go
I wondered how much of me he really sees
He let go
She looked away from him
He looked back
And saw his best friend
He looked back
As he turned away from her
He looked at me
As he wiped away my tears
He smiled at me
Silly girl I will never leave
You let go
I held my breath as I waited
I did let go
The love in his eyes shines for all to see
And you stayed
Taking my hand in his he sighed softly
You never let go even when I did
Now that is something truly real indeed

***By: BlueRoseFantasy***

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