the cats

These are the cats in my life

Linux the penguin cat

history with linux his name origina, i had a linux operating system running and I had put a quick erase key sequence on it so if i needed to i could wipe all personal data, when I got linux he had a habit sleeping on the keyboard or pushing the mouse to the side, you have no idea how many times I grabbed the mouse and tried moving it and heard a faint meow. He was soooo small. Well one day this cat I don’t know how he did it, he stretched across my keyboard and managed to his the 4 keys for the sequence, it wiped my partitions for my linux OS, also killed my windows partition. This was like 3 days after Billie and I got him




Slurpee was named cause he was found at 711, a man pulled up in a truck and popped his hood to check the oil and Slurpee was sleeping next to the battery man tossed the kitten out of the truck and he ran towards my house and to Jessica Olsen, brothers ex gf. She brought the kitten in and we both fell for the kitty quickly, He eventually became attached to us and he’s actually a really good cat, i love him to pieces.



Now this kitty has a story, my brother and Shelby found this kitten on the side of swift street, he apparently got in a fight with a squirrel he had a cut across his poor nose. They both nursed him back to health. Shelby and Foster got assistance with him from a helpful lady, paid for his shots and being fixed, he still has his claws tho, he’s a very behaved cat. except for the occasional clipping the door with his front paws. Quite beautiful too. This kitty belongs to Shelby and Foster. I still love him like he’s my own tho.


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