Independence Day Update 1.15 : gtaglitches

There is a new update in the horizon everybody!! A lot of people are speculating this to come out on July 4th. Plus New Missions, check out the video by DomisLive! I’m so Hyped right now!!




  • Funeral “Gang members must escort Lieutenant’s hearse through town Rival gang members must get into the hearse and destroy it”
  • Territory Takeover “Players can fight to take over territory in the game this will produce a revenue stream for them”
  • Prison Van Rescue “When cops are busy, Criminals will have to intercept a noose van driven by NPC’s and free the gang member then take him back to the gang house.” {16 cops and 16 criminals can join the mission. Give this mission at the same time or after the rank the criminal players get sticky bombs. Opens at Level 5 } XBOX ONE AND PS4 USER WILL HAVE THE ABILITY TO PLAY WITH 32 PLAYERS
  • Drop Off Hooker “Blips will appear in player’s territories. Players has to go and pick up a prostitute and drop her off somewhere. The player has a time limit.” This brings back the hooker mini game from GTA 3 if anyone can remember
  • Fight Gangmate “The gang lieutenant gets two teammates to fight each other for gang initiation”
  • Cop Territory “Cops are put onto the territory take over missions, they get no choice whether to take them or not.
  • FIB Grab “Criminal Heist: Abseil Down FIB tower, break in download data, and escape. {4 crews, 3 abseillers, 1 driver. 16 cops and 4 criminals can join the mission. 4 Helli to FIB roof, 3 abseil down tower. Smash window into office and hack a data terminal to get classified data. Meanwhile driver dumps chopper and collects getaway car. Skydive out office to the getaway car and escape to gang house. Cops join once one crook is inside the office, cops are told to arrest the crooks. FIB office has AI agents that must be shot 2 waves of AI agents enter based on hack progress. {Opens at Level 15}


Ornate Bank Heist “Criminal Heist: Get behind the counter of the bank, hack the vault, steal the money and take it to the drop off location. {16 cops and 4 criminals can join the mission Opens up at Level 20}

What do you guys think of this and are you guys stoked! 😀

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