Next poser project: GTA V poster girl

I have pretty much most of what is needed for this image it won’t be exact for copyright reasons, but i do have a phone prop, her pose don’t seem too difficult, i have the blond hair and the bikini i could make or find, the only issue is a model that looks like her so here we go. Challenge started…..


Ok got my 3 images from google set up, since this is a poser project the images have to be real so it looks like a lifelike scene.


ok images are positioned, now to do some magic photo editing.


changed out the ferris wheel image for another one with a pier lol otherwise the image is coming along nicely.


little cosmetic changes on the image and some blending its looking good


taking a break……

OK back and pissed, just had a quick surge brownout and my router was factory reset and i lost my work i just did with this project, i will attempt to recover it but the file is saying its corrupt, even on a surge protector it got my laptop.

I recovered the file and well kinda decided I’m gonna go with a comic look so heres the background right now may change before I’m done with the model, I’m picky


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