*SOLO* Store “ANY” Vehicle after Patch 1.13 – PS3/XBOX : gtaglitches

This is a 100% SOLO Method

Store any non-blacklisted vehicle in your garage SOLO after patch 1.13. This includes supercars and friend’s cars – no police, military, or commercial vehicles. This glitch is a little tricky, so watch the video to get an example of the timing.


Park the vehicle you wanna store in front of your garage(if solo, preferably in a non-despawning location).

Enter your garage and get in the car you want to replace (If this car is insured, then the other will be)

Hold Down on the D-Pad & choose a character.

Press O/B to back out as soon as the black alert screen appears.

Do steps 3 & 4 several times to get down a a good speed of doing it.

Press R2/RT and quickly repeat steps 3 & 4.

If the glitch worked, you should be able to drive in your garage.

Press Start, Online > Jobs > Join Job > Join Random Race and press X/A.

Once the job screen begins to load, keep pressing O/B then X/A to quit the job quickly.

You will spawn glitched back in your garage.

Run out, get in the car, wait, you will glitch out, then drive out of the garage. Done.

**If you drive out of your garage while trying, just drive back in and try again.

**If you get frozen in your garage and can’t do anything, switch session, and try again.

Credit goes to rafaelrgc on Se7ensins for the original tutorial.

via *SOLO* Store “ANY” Vehicle after Patch 1.13 – PS3/XBOX : gtaglitches.

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