Smithmicro Poser pro 2014 update 3.1

Smith Micro Software, Inc. and the Poser team are pleased to announce that the Poser Pro 2014 Service Release 3.1 (SR3.1) is now available for both Mac OS X and Windows. SR3.1 will update your non-beta version of Poser Pro 2014 English to the latest version.

SR3.1 offers several enhancements and addresses known issues present in the following areas:

•        General performance and stability updates and improvements

•        Face Room improvements

•        Preview Rendering improvements

•        Final Rendering improvements

•        Animation improvements

•        Figure Creation improvements

•        Content Library improvements

•        PoserPython improvements

•        Download Manager improvements

•        PoserFusion improvements

In order to download Poser Pro 2014 SR3.1 or receive technical support for the product, you must have registered your Poser Pro 2014 application serial number. If you have not yet done so, please register now at

With your registered Poser Pro 2014 serial number, you can access and download SR3.1 at

SR3.1 Enhancements and Fixes, by Category


•        General Preferences: Fixed case where non-existing temp path would prevent successful launch.

•        Figure > Symmetry now behaves correctly for limbs with IK enabled

Face Room

•        Content Updater now includes head databases for Rex and Roxie 1.1 figures (installer available as separate download).

Material Room

•        Fixed case where applying a material pose to a hair prop would cause instability.

•        Movie node now previews and renders correctly before looping.

Preview Rendering

•        Fixed random frame seeking issues during video playback.

Final Rendering

•        Restored rendering performance in some scenes to 10.0.2 level.


•        Animation controls: Now always reading up to desired frame when seeking in a movie (Windows only).

•        Make Movie: Export presets adjusted to obey user specified frame rate.

•        Make Movie: Enabled support for multibyte characters in export paths (Mac OS X only).

Figure Creation

•        Fixed case where Object->Copy Morphs From… targeting an existing parameter lacking morph data would cause instability.

•        Figure > Symmetry now copies weight maps only when explicitly requested.

Content Library

•        Fixed slowdown displaying folder contents on Windows 8.1 with Internet Explorer 11.

•        Fixed case where search would cause instability (non-English languages only).


•        Enabled PIL image module (Windows 32-bit only).


•        Now passing necessary information to Download Manager to obtain updates (Mac OS X only).

•        Download Manager: Enabled support for non-English format (Mac OS X only) or system locale (Windows only) regional settings.


•        PoserFusion for CINEMA 4D: Installer now includes student versions in search and application validation (installer available as separate download).

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