PS3 Xploder yay or nay?

So bought ps3 xploder, for $39.99 USD cause well i used to play with the game genie and game shark on earlier systems, and had a blast. So I thought hey I am going to try this program out. Thus far I am not impressed not even in the slightest. Manually i can download any save file from a forum, then use a FREE program (Save Resigner 2.0) to resign the save game to my own ps3 profile and load the disc and boom works. Done this with multiple games, borderlands, and Dead rising 2 for example.

Wasn’t working before but I

*** FIxEd it myself ***

every game save when saved with xploder it for some reason put a in front of the name, by removing the / and renaming the folders the saves now work. I found this out by using fresh and noticed hmm those folder names don’t look right


notice the in front of the folder name by rename it now it works


Now i wish the users would put better descriptions for the game saves

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