LMAO Oh wow I was Classified as a cheater that makes me laugh

Oh please rockstar, you wouldn’t know what cheating is, you have all these little kids on your ADULT game talking about cloning cars and doing god mode glitches, you let all these kids with levels 500-1000 stay on the game and keep their hacked cars and the tanks and such and I have reported many of them and you go after people who legit made their money. I am laughing so bad. Rockstar is a joke. I bought 3 copies of their game and they dare to classify me as a cheater LMAO. What about the people with rank 500-1000 and the game been out for a couple of months. Seriously rockstar you made a huge error in labeling me a cheater.

UPDATE appears to be wide spread

2/13/14 [5:30 PM EST]: We are investigating intermittent network issues and will provide an update here as soon as there is more information. This may result in Rockstar Cloud Service errors, save failure errors, or being kicked from active games with incorrect messages about being classed as a cheater. We apologize for any inconvenience and hope to be back up and running smoothly as quickly as possible.

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