Poser pro 2014 SR2 big fix




Smith Micro Software, Inc. and the Poser team are pleased to announce that the Poser Pro 2014 Service Release 2 (SR2) is now available for both Mac OS X and Windows. SR2 will update your non-beta version of Poser Pro 2014 English to the latest version.




SR2 offers several enhancements and addresses known issues present in the following areas:




•        General performance and stability updates and improvements
•        Hair Room improvements
•        Material Room improvements
•        Library improvements
•        Preview Rendering improvements
•        Final Rendering improvements
•        Animation improvements
•        Figure Creation improvements
•        PoserPython improvements
In order to download Poser Pro 2014 SR2 or receive technical support for the product, you must have registered your Poser Pro 2014 application serial number. If you have not yet done so, please register now at http://www.smithmicro.com/support/product-registration.aspx.




With your registered Poser Pro 2014 serial number, you can access and download SR2 at http://poser.smithmicro.com/poserproupdates.html.

SR2 Enhancements and Fixes, by Category


•        Now preventing instability while parsing files containing mismatched quotes
•        Restored right-click functionality for top of Parameters/Properties palette (shows current object options context menu)
•        Now supporting Windows 8.1
•        Improved stability when displaying subdivision surface geometry in multi-port view (e.g. Fitting room)
•        Fixed case where enabling multithreaded bending in General Preferences would cause morph target display issues
•        Fixed incorrect loading of Hand pose sets when Figure > Use Limits is enabled
•        Fixed case where creating a new scene after posing with Direct Manipulation tool would cause instability
•        Corrected undo label text for ‘Subdivide separately’


Hair Room


•        Hair simulation: Strengthened wind force for Bullet solver (might require adjustment of Amplitude value in existing scenes)
•        Fixed issues with spawning morph targets from geometry with populated hair
•        Enabled picking by fixing bounding box calculation for dynamic hair props
•        Enabled saving of hair growth groups for compound figures to library


Material Room


•        Load (double-check Add to material) of MT5 file that includes a root node will now import the root node’s values and connections
•        No longer showing joint zone props in Material palette’s object list popup
•        Compound nodes: Fixed issues with ‘Apply selected to all’ functionality
•        Remove Detached Nodes Wacro now works with orphaned compound subtree nodes
•        Re-enabled IBL Wacro
•        Now storing keyframe animation when shaders are saved to the Library




•        Now preventing double processing of library save item
•        Fixed instances where Embedded content library UI became unresponsive


Preview Rendering


•        OpenGL mip mapping can now be disabled in the Preview render settings dialog
•        Black and white Comic Book mode now produces an alpha channel
•        Comic Book Threshold popup now accepts keyboard entries
•        Make Movie & Export image: Black and white Comic Book mode now produces an alpha channel
•        Corrected box tracking behavior for Poser Unimesh figures
•        Group editor: Now displaying selected polygons in low light situations


Final Rendering


•        Improved rendering of geometry with invalid normals
•        Fixed logic error that could cause incorrect renders or instability with complex compound shader nodes
•        FireFly: Fixed possible inaccuracies in alpha channel output
•        Fixed missing pixels in leftmost and topmost row in some FireFly renders (some residual artifacts might remain in rare cases)
•        Improved stability when thread affinity was set to disable cores in Task Manager (Windows only)
•        Fixed case where combining subdivided geometry and 3D motion blur would cause instability
•        Refractions beyond the first bounce now respect the IOR




•        Animation palette: Fixed instabilities with collapsed states of items with large numbers of objects
•        Animation palette: Fixed drawing problems
•        Animation palette: Now drawing zoomScroll icon to expose horizontal time sheet scaling feature
•        Animation palette: Improved performance of changing parameter values on figures with many body parts
•        Fixed case where keyframes in layers at negative frame numbers would cause instability upon loading
•        Make Movie: Now allowing third party codecs to be specified in preset, and showing related configuration dialogs (Windows only)
•        Bullet Physics: Constraint prop position now regenerated when loading figure with simulation


Figure Creation


•        Morphing tool: Create actions now exclude locked objects
•        Morphing tool: Create actions no longer operate on hidden objects
•        Morphing tool Create mode: Changed Restore action sensitivity by a factor of 10 (e.g. new 0.5 = old 0.05)
•        Vertex Weights palette: Sample weight mode now implemented for figures
•        Now preserving joint information on parent left behind when deleting bones
•        Fixed a problem with undo of animated joint origin modifications
•        Dependency editor: Now forcing ‘Teach’ mode to off when closing palette
•        Fixed problem where attempting to delete morphs from figures with parented figures could cause empty hierarchy dialog
•        Fitting room: Now offering ‘Zero prop’ and ‘Keep deformation’ options for props
•        Fitting room: Now respecting object visibility when creating working props
•        Fitting room: Create figure (‘Transfer morphs’ disabled) no longer transfers superfluous parameters to root body part
•        Fitting room: Now verifying UV indices to prevent instability upon creating figure from fitted subdivided object
•        Figure > Copy Morphs From… dialog now sorts parameters alphabetically




•        Added methods to mark a scene as changed and to determine whether or not a scene was changed since the last save
•        Added method for getting current document path
•        Added notifications for camera changed and lights changed
•        Added Python access to subdivided geometry
•        Added ALLOW_PYTHON_PYC option to Poser.ini/PoserPrefs to enable creation of PYC files for add-on developers
•        Fixed instability when wxPython scripts were requesting italic fonts (Mac OS X only)
•        Now skipping Fitting room props in add-on notification callbacks (prevents add-ons from registering spurious object deletions)




•        Added ‘Preserve existing material names’ export option to disable creation of unique material names
•        Improved stability by sanitizing file name before calling file chooser dialog (Mac OS X only)


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