Kidney stones outh
So 11 pm may 28th I was walking to my room and a sharp pain came on my right side, enough to send me to my knees and crying for help. I went to lay down and finally after a 1 hour of no matter how I was laying in bed, I crawled to my mom’s room and asked her for help. She gave me some tylenol. I still couldn’t get rid of the pain. I sat in her bathroom for a couple hours just rocking back and forth on the ground. it felt like my right side of my body was going to explode.Finally the pain disappeared, so I ate something cause i was super hungry. While eating the meal the pain came back much much worse. So again i tried to nurse it and this was around 1:30 am so finally i asked my mom to call a taxi, she did and they said 1 hour, so for another hour i was reeling around in pain. Finally got to ER and they signed me in, and all the normal stuff. o58V9Jh.jpg

Finally 3 am i was in a bed, and they already done a cat scan on me, doctor came back at 3 am and told me you have kidney stones. I am not on hydromorphone and flomax to help with the expelling of these things. I never knew pain till these stones. Want an example of the pain, spread the head and just touch the snide of the tube with something feel how that feels? Now Imagine pissing a grain a sand out and it takes 7-8 hours. Some compare kidney stone to the equivalent of giving birth to a woman, I laughed at that comment. Now that i have felt it omg wow it hurt.

Imagine pissing this thing out.


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