Gorean Time broken down

Gorean time is not that hard to learn so let me give you some tools to learn it.

Here is the breakdown

Ihn: Gorean second equals 1.35 earth seconds
Ehn: Gorean Minute equals 108 earth seconds
Ahn: Gorean hour. equals 72 earth minutes

Ohn: Gorean Day (20 Ahns) = equals 24 earth hours
Uhn: Gorean Week (5 Ohns) = equals 7 earth days
Yhn: Gorean Month (5 Uhn) = 30 earth days
Pahn: Gorean Year (10 Yhn) equals 12 earth months

Ready for the fun stuff πŸ™‚

there is 80 Ihns in 1 Ehn
40 Ehns in 1 Ahn
20 Ahns in 1 Ohn

so question for you is how many Ihns in a Ohn

Gorean Time

1st Ahn
12:01 am – 1:12 am
2nd Ahn
1:13 am – 2:24 am
3rd Ahn
2:25 am – 3:36 am
4th Ahn
3:37 am – 4:48 am
5th Ahn
4:49 am – 6: 00 am
6th Ahn
6:01 am – 7:12 am
7th Ahn
7:13 am – 8:24 am
8th Ahn
8;25 am – 9:36 am
9th Ahn
9:37 am – 10:48 am
10th Ahn Gorean Noon
10:49 am to 12:00 pm
11th Ahn
12:01 pm – 1:12 pm
12th Ahn
1:13 pm – 2:24 pm
13th Ahn
2:25 pm – 3:36 pm
14th Ahn
3:37 pm – 4:48 pm
15th Ahn
4:49 pm – 6:00 pm
16th Ahn
6:01 pm – 7:12 pm
17th Ahn
7:13 pm – 8:24 pm
18th Ahn
8:25 pm – 9:36 pm
19th Ahn
9:37 pm – 10:48 pm
20th Ahn
10:49 pm – 12:00 midnight


Many of the Gorean books mention time, Outlaw of Gor has a passage breaking time down

It was late afternoon and, judging by the pasang stones, I was still some hours from the city. Though it was still bright, many of the colorfully plumed birds had already sought their nests. Here and there swarms of night insects began to stir, lifting themselves under the leaves of bushes by the road. The shadows of the pasang stones had grown long, and, judging by the angle of these shadows (for the stones are set in such a way as to serve also as sundials) it was past the fourteenth Gorean Ahn, or hour. The Gorean day is divided into twenty Ahn, which are numbered consecutively. The tenth Ahn is noon, the twentieth, midnight. Each Ahn consists of forty Ehn, or minutes, and each Ehn of eighty Ihn, or seconds.

Magicians of Gor breaks down time.

β€œIt is surely past the sixth Ahn,” he said. The fifth Ahn marks the midpoint of the morning, betwixt the Gorean midnight and noon, as the fifteenth Ahn marks the midpoint of the evening, between noon and midnight. There are twenty Ahn in the Gorean day, as time is figured in the high cities. These Ahn, in the high cities, are of equal length. In certain cities, interestingly, the length of the Ahn depends on the time of year. In these cities, there are ten Ahn in the day, and ten Ahn in the night, and, as the days are longer in the summer and shorter in the winter, so, too, are the Ahn. Correspondingly, of course, the Ahn are shorter in the summer night, and longer in the winter night. The day as a whole, of course, including both day Ahn and night Ahn, comes out to the same overall length as it would in one of the high cities.

Gorean Time is broken down more in other pages, like by Hand and so on, I may update this later.

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