My neurologist visit

well back from my neurologist appt… it didnt go well….. the eye tests i couldnt see the fingers when he had his hands in certain viewing space…which is funny considering i can see behind me…..2 my response time in reflexes was fine except in him asking me to close and open my eyes, i struggled open my eyes, then asked me to raise my eyebrows. 3 walking straight was ok, walking like the drunk driver test foot one after another i failed i fell down, and he asked me to close my eyes with my feet together, i fell down. I have a MRI and EEG waiting to be scheduled, its confirmed by my neurologist He says you do have narcolepsy, but we need to rule out anything else thats over it make sure ur not having seizures or no tumors and anything abnormal on your brain. My mom saw all this in the room. I think now she knows im pretty messed up. I even have majorly bad slurred speech she heard me talking to the talking and she had her mouth open like in shock. I used to talk 100 million miles per hour, fastr than someone from new york, now i take a breath or pause every 5 words. yea something is wrong with me


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