Is it ok for prisons to rip us off?

So as people know I have my little brother in prison. He’s locked up in there for like another 2-3 years. Well you know how people always complain about “taxpayers paying for the inmates to be incarcerated” Let me tell you the reason why. They take entirely too much money. My mom sent my brother 250 dollars in order to take care of himself. They took 75% of it, leaving him with around 50 bucks in his funds. My mom cant afford this crap. One other time someone sent their kid 100 bucks and the inmate received 5 dollars. That is 95% taken. When is it right for the prison too take so much money we send to an inmate. If the prison is going to take this much money but noone is going to do anything about it. Then quit complaining I no longer feel sorry for you.

The system you send the inmate money, when you send the money that charge you a certain fee, then on the receiving end the prison takes out more money. Seriously who gave you the right to take that much money out.

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