My status: Very ill Diagnosis

This is reason I have been absent from most everything. I have always had issues with then I sleep and whatnot. Well something happened early July that made it worse. I pass out all the time and I am so very tired all day. I went to doctor July 19th and had blood tests and stuff done, everything came back fine. I went to a Sleeping doctor August 15th and he asked me lots of questions and determined I have narcoleptic behavior and going to test me for sleep apnea and MLST for narcolepsy.


Had a Sleep Study on August 28th, the sleep study had an overnight sleep study and the next day a MSLT daytime study,

They said i slept soundly all night, barely any snoring, but I quit breathing 20 times, that puts me in the bracket of mild obstructive Sleep apnea.

The daytime study, I was put into 4-5 naps with 2 hours in between. IN each of the tests i fell asleep under 4 minutes into a deep sleep. Doctor diagnosed me with Narcolepsy, now I am taking this medication called Provigil.

First dose was Sept 1st 2011.

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  • Hey man. Hope you get well soon with your meds. Don’t do too much work, just recover and stuff.

    There’s people that care bout you, and I really hope you’ll get well soon.