PlayStation Network and Qriocity Outage FAQ – PlayStation.Blog.Europe

Useful page for the PSN users wondering what the status is.

PlayStation Network and Qriocity Outage FAQ – PlayStation.Blog.Europe.

What happened:

Apparently PSN network was hacked according to many news sources, ip originated from a DoD network computer, and performed what looks like many vulnerability scans, they look like Nessus or even a manual javascript injection type exploit. Anyways 77 million accounts were dumped and Sony is currently investigating the issue. While the investigation is going Sony has turned off the PSN network like a light switch. We are stuck waiting for sony to get crap fixed. I had just paid for a 3 month subscription to playstation plus. I am a little pissed right now. I have over 500 download game orders on the PSN network. I have a lot of money invested into this company. Not to mention the addons I may have purchased.

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