Iphone 4 is here

Ok my iPhone 4 has been delivered. I made a small video of the unboxing not much I said hi and showed the box then opened it and showed the amazing device inside.

I turned it on and the apple logo looked so crisp it was amazing this phone so far has impressed me, some reason my att only shows me 1-2 bars all the time lol but i made a call and the deathgrip didnt drop my call even though it showed only 1 bar lol.

Here is my iPhone info.

Device: iPhone4 4.0.1 (8A306)
Model: MC319LL/A
Name: iPhone

Baseband: 01.59.00 – ICE_2_6

Look again apple screws me from the get go, I cant get 4.0 lol i have to start with 4.0.1 the iOS I was avoiding with my 3gs.

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