Updated Blog September 19, 2014 Shenay Greenough – Link is her memorial Page

Post comments for the blog on here, Shenay’s memorial will always be located at

Shenay we will always love you and we will miss you.

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  1. Vickie Spitz

    This is nice Forrest – It is so hard to believe…Shenay will be greatly missed in our family.

    1. gumpy

      yep mom my way to show Shenay our love

  2. Sarah Shields

    she will be missed good times had with her

  3. Shari Steel

    My son went to elementary with her. They hooked back up in youth group, they dated for a short while but remained friends. She has been over to our house many times. She is going to be missed.

  4. Angel Rose Hernandez

    This broke my heart, she was a beautiful girl has an amazing little boy. I hope justice is served to Shenay and her little girl.

    1. gumpy

      TY Angel for responding, I to hope justice is served.

  5. nrowland

    Thank you for creating this page. Most people who visit it will have no idea who I am. I babysat Shenay from the time she was a toddler until she was around 8 years old. I did not know her as she got older but can only imagine what an amazing young lady she must have become. She was an energetic, outgoing, charismatic, adorable little girl. She will always have a special place in my heart. I pray for the healing of her young son, family, and friends. I know it doesn’t begin to help the pain right now but her and her daughter are in better place.

  6. Vickie Spitz

    My son, Foster was Shenay’s best friend and he suggested we get something for our yard – in memory of Shenay. Jessica and I bought a beautiful angel statue last night and it will be in my flower garden. All the postings about Shenay are nice. Her baby girl and her are indeed “in a better place.”

  7. Secretss

    The memorial page was incredibly touching. I don’t know Shenay myself, but she sounds like a wonderful person and I’m sure she and her baby are in a much much happier place now.

    I really really hope the evil creep gets everything he deserves; what he did was despicable. I’m a little late but my thoughts and best wishes will be with Shenay and her darling baby, and may all her loved ones find solace in the great loss that they have endured.

    Bless you all!

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