My Girlfriend passed her difficult final and I am so proud of her

My girlfriend is going for her general associates degree, she has already completed her medical assistant program, this one class she has been taking shes been suffering through it. Billing and Coding (ICD-9-CM) which is not required for her profession but apparently its a requirement for her associates degree. She has been failing alot of the tests and failing alot of the basic class discussions, she just was having a hard time grasping the concept of this “Billing and Coding thing” She completely bombed her midterm.

She came out of the class that day and was feeling bad, she was currently at a F for the class. This was last week, and we received her current grade for the class

So her final was tonight she was walking into the class with a full blown F and felt like she wasnt going to pass the class at all. I told her she will do it I have always believed in her. But to go from a F to a passing grade was almost an impossibility, the school told her she would be placed on academic probation if she failed the class. So she went to school and took the test, I waited patiently for the text message of either a passing grade or a I failed text message.

She finally texted me and she is like baby I did it, I cant believe I passed the final, I received a B!!!

Moral of my blog, go into class with a positive attitude and you have a better chance of passing, if you set yourself up to fail by saying I am not going pass this test then you already failed. My girl is bright and I am very very proud of her with this final. She is done with the class and she is very happy 🙂

Oh yeah her overall grade is a B, she went from F to B in 2 hours, that is what I call amazing

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