Susan E. from hostgator is Awesome

I recently moved from my old host to Hostgator and I use press this on my blog and also remotely update my blog with my iphone, mod_security was hurting me cause all I did was receive an error message, trying to post. I called hostgator talked to a associate named Susan E. explained my issue, she put me on hold and she solved my problem very quickly. Hostgator has very fast support 🙂 I am a very happy customer. In recognition for the support I sent HostGator an email saying how amazing she was.

Dear Hostgator,

I called asking for support in order to help to me be able to post on my blog, as it uses wordpress, I knew mod_security was blocking it. I just recently moved from my old host to you guys and I admit not being able to post on my blog was frustrating, but I worked and researched the last couple days trying to figure out how to bypass the mod_security configuration.

This morning I called hostgator support not really expecting much but I thought I would try since I really don't have control of anything on the server.

I called hostgator and talked to Susan E. This associate is very polite and very quick with very intelligent responses. She completely made me feel like my issue was going to be looked at and maybe not be resolved but she definitely did make me feel like I was an important customer.

I have been in hosting and server administration for almost 15 years, and I must say how fast the techs fixed my issue while I was on the phone with this associate is absolutely astounding. She is fast, very professional and definitely an asset to the company. Thank you Susan E. and whomever else helped her get my issue fixed. My blog when posted also posts to my twitter and about 10 other sites automatically so you can see how my blog would be important. Thanks again

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