They never released anything on April 23rd 2010 as they been promising, I call fake

Ok there is a jailbreak expecting to be released on April 23rd 2010, from a group. The jailbreak is called thunderst0rm. Is it legit? You decide.

*** UPDATE ***

Latest video release on this "Jailbreak"

Website for this cool jailbreak is http://iphone-thunderst0rm.blogspot.com/

It has a cool looking interface looks like it was written in VB lol.

I have looked around about this supposed jailbreak and unlock, some pretty convincing videos, but its easy to modify videos. I found quite a few youtube videos that show thunderst0rm in action. Here is one.

Brace yourself this video will pump you up I dont know if it was the music or just the fact it looked so perfect working. 3....2......1

One kid named yayakid tried out thunderst0rm and heres the results, its kinda funny what happens, nothing compared to the video above. The vb looking graphics were the same though.

Is it legit who knows but we shall see when April 23rd 2010 comes around!!!

As with any type of jailbreak only trust IH8Sn0w, geohot or musclenerd those are 3 credited iPhone hackers you can trust, we also cant forget posixninja.