Let’s help a friend get his phone fixed

We all know this guy as iH8sn0w in the iphone scene, well recently something happened thats a bad thing, he was trying to clear dust from under the lcd and inadvertently cracked the lcd, so I am calling on everyone for assistance in helping him get a new screen.

this is what his phone looks like. Not a pretty picture I would cry if this happened to my 3gs

So what I am proposing is that we get some sorta donation thing going to get him a replacement lcd, this is the item, now what is the best way to do this.

Set iPhone 3G LCD Screen+Touch Glass+Digitizer+Adhesive on eBay.ca (item 270402038345 end time 29-Apr-10 04:12:44 EDT)

Let me know what you think I will be posting this on my twitter too.

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