Most tutorials out there tell you to edit the hosts file of either windows or mac or linux. What if your set up is not like the rest and you use the router for the dns server, changing your local setup unless you know some personal dns servers to add wont matter.

I recently had this issue and I finally figured out the easiest way to resolve mine.

I have an iPhone 3gs and I hate being on 3.1.3, this phone came stock with it, so I wanted to see if maybe sauriks server might have 3.1.2 cached from this phone, cause this phone might possibly be a refurb.

I tried a bunch of ways to get my dns to change and show different for

I tried echo “” >> /etc/hosts

rcgmac:~ rcg$ host is an alias for has address

restarted 🙁 Damn didnt work

I tried to even edit the /etc/hosts file on my linksys router same command and it didnt work.

rcgmac:~ rcg$ host is an alias for has address

I read up on linksys routers and something called DNSMasq I read that I could add additional hosts with a simple line in the box on my linksys router I decided what the hell.

I added this line


Clicked apply on my router and tried it again.

rcgmac:~ rcg$ host has address

rcgmac:~ rcg$ host has address

OMG It worked and now I can manually set the hosts to whatever I want. So to anyone running a linksys router with ddwrt use this method

Thank you for reading