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Switchrd (read switcher-dee) lets you switch between the original and patched installds. For a brief explanation of what the installd is, please read Explained: App Syncing or Explained: Patching the Installd at .

In-app purchases (strictly in legit apps only) do not work if the app was installed by a patched installd. To make in-app purchases, the app has to be installed using the original installd.

Who is this for?
Those who use both legit apps and cracked apps, and want to make in-app purchases in their legit apps. Switchrd makes it easy to switch the installds around.

What else does it do?
Lets you download all patched and original installds. Awesome people have contributed their installd files and these files are stored on a server for download.

For unpatched users, you can download the patched installd (which is the same for all models) using Switchrd without needing to install AppSync or Installd Patch from Cydia.

Switchrd can also dynamically update itself using the -u option.

How to use?
Place switchrd file in /usr/bin on your iDevice and chmod it to 775.
Type ’switchrd’ in Terminal on the iDevice to see a list of options. To execute the options, type ’switchrd -x’ where x is the corresponding alphabet. There are 4 options:
-o To use original installd
-p To use patched installd
-d To download installd files
-u To update the script

The -d option is primarily meant for patched people who may want to download files for backup, archive, collection, and/or replacement. For those who are unpatched, Switchrd will prompt for download upon start, with or without the -d option.

Thanks and credits:
rcg for his madcrack and maddown scripts – to which I referred to write Switchrd, my first touch with bash – and his go ahead for me to release Switchrd
Helpmy360isEMO for helping me with my bash questions
iBlaze for his suggestion of md5sum
ChingPow, applefour, ShapeShifter499, Lswpb, Diytto, artypig78, and Jeroenz0r for the contribution of installd files


* v3.4.2 – Added two more functions downloadfileo and downloadfilep
Touched up code
* v3.4.1 – Added check to rename installd.bak to install.backup upon start to streamline the script
Improved check for existing filenames prior to download. Script now prompts for options to:
overwrite existing file
download as another filename
download to another directory
Moved current-installd check into a function so it doesn’t show all the time
Revised version numbers; they were increasing too fast
* v3.3 – Moved downloads into a standalone option
Split code into functions
Added check for coexistence of installd.backup and installd.patched with a prompt to fix anomaly
Added check for existing filenames prior to download; wget will not overwrite
General touch up of code
* v3.2 – Added download capability for patched installd
* v3.1.1 – Added check for update/non-update of script with confirmation on either status
* v3.1 – Added check for script updates and download capability
Updated credits
* v3.0.2 – Removed instruction on rebooting (not required)
* v3.0.1 – Added instruction to reinstall legit apps to make in-app purchases
* v3 – Added download capability for device-specific original installd files
* v2.2 – Added check for non-existence of original installd file, with instruction to manually download from a web address
* v2.1 – Added check for root login prior to script execution
* v2 – Merged two scripts into one
* v1 – Wrote two separate scripts for switching installd to original and patched

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