irecovery and you

So your iphone is stuck at the restore mode and its not jailbroken, or maybe it is. Here is a method to get it out of the recovery loop.

Introducing Irecovery!!!!

Irecovery is a program written by some talented programmers to allow someone to be able to initiate communication with the iphone via USB while in recovery mode.

you can get them here I try to keep them up to date

Note: You will need libusb installed due to the nature of libusb not being nice to systems I will not support nor will I have the libusb files to download.

Heres how to use it both of these are binaries so just clicking them will show [ Process Complete ]

You need to copy the windows executable to somewhere in $PATH for example c:windows

On a mac copy it to /usr/bin/

Restart your iphone and when its turned off unplug it hold the home key while plugging it in the phone will arrive on itunes recovery screen. Lets get to work.

Once your phone in is itunes restore type irecovery -s and you will be dropped into a shell

(Recovery) iPhone$

type the following commands

(Recovery) iPhone$ setenv auto-boot true
(Recovery) iPhone$ saveenv
(Recovery) iPhone$ reboot

or you can try this command

(Recovery) iPhone$ fsboot
(Recovery) iPhone$ reboot

You phone should reboot and should bypass the itunes restore screen

Thank you for reading 🙂

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