NewKinetix R? iPhone & iPod touch universal remote control

What is this thing:

As stated on the website

The R? is a plug-in accessory and application that turns your iPhone or iPod touch into an infrared (IR) universal remote control. It will control your TV, DVD, Receiver, and most other IR controlled entertainment and home control devices.
Sooooo here it my little review on this amazing device. I bought this device a couple days ago and waited for it to ship out. I was shocked to see it was getting here today. I will go through basic set up of for example my tv.

First the box it came in

next here it is people the hardware:

Its upside down cause the adapter plugs into the charging port lets remove the thing so I can show my setups

Ok its removed ?
My roku player and My large fan in my room
???My tivo, works for all 3 tivos,

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