JupiterJack my review

So I purchased Jupiter Jack 2 of them about 1 month ago. I was like so cool this thing allows you to talk through the iphone and the person you can hear through the radio.

heres how you use it, you plug it into your iphone and then you change the channel to 99.3 and the radio plays until the call comes through, then it produces interference and you are supposed to be able to hear them clear. Not so much, I tested this little adapter from far, close up and all i received was static, I thought oh well I guess that one might be bad. Tested the other one and it produced static. I could just barely make out the voice mail of my own iPhone mail box through the static, I moved it all the way close to the radio and the static disappeared enough to make out the rest of my greeting.

My thoughts on this, I wasted money on this thing, but that is fine. In order to properly be able to review something you should actually purchase it. This device is not worth the money paid for it

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